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What is BBB

Best Book Briefings—also known as BBB—is an online book briefings provider that offers global services for subscribers and visitors. These services include: written briefings and reviews of the most influential, best-selling, and most important books on business, leadership, parenting, psychology and a variety of other topics. BBB operates as a hub for these fine-selected books. Each book in the database has a page of its own, with the book cover and information about the book, information about the publisher, an option to download (or read) the written briefing, another option to listen to an audio version of it, and also an option to buy the actual book from the publisher’s website or Amazon.com.

Why BBB?

BBB gives you all that you need about a given book. On the book page, you can choose to read a quick review that explains what the book is about (As short as one paragraph), you can also read a review of a bigger length (About a page or two), unless you wish to read a full-length briefing that saves you the time you would have taken to read the actual book, while giving you all the insights and advice from it. This book briefing is around 9 pages in average. If you’re not a reading person, you can also choose to listen to a “Sound Briefing”; an audio version of the summary, or watch a video review of what a given book is all about. BBB also allows you to tweet about the book, easily find books by the same author or on the same topic as the book at hand.

In addition to that, BBB does also provide insights about the book from the most respected business magazines in the world. That includes Harvard Business Review, Strategy + Business, Forbes, Fortune, and many more.

How Does BBB Work?

Best Book Briefings, also known as BBB, is designed to work as a resourceful book summary database for executives, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and even students. BBB also works as a reading organizer where you can define, prioritize, and sort your reading list.

BBB Features

- Reader-friendly formats and designs

- Cheapest rates guaranteed

- Business model that’s based on simplicity

- Easy access and familiarity

- preference-based knowledge output (text/audio/visuals)

- Real-time Support

Contact BBB

Best Book Briefings is owned and managed by:

Edara Consulting and Training


Silicon Oasis

P.O. Box: 341413

Dubai, UAE

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