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What is BBB

Best Book Briefings – also known as BBB – offers summaries for the best non-fiction books in the world. Whether you prefer to read or listen, we have something for you.
Our briefings cover an array of topics including but not limited to sales and marketing, human resources, leadership, creativity and innovation, economics and investment, politics and public affairs, technology, and parenting – and that's just to name a few. We keep adding new libraries as we widen our scope of fields and themes.
If there's a particular book you're looking for, head over to our Wish List and submit a request for it so we can summarize it for you.

Why BBB?

With lots of books passing the 200-page mark, it's hard to decide how much time you'll be able to allocate to reading a book. You’ll have to be picky about the books you read. Time flies after all.
BBB wants to help you overcome that. Instead of spending several days reading a book, we offer you the opportunity to read its summary or listen to it in the span of 15 minutes (or less!)
So, how many books can you read like that? The possibilities are endless. You can read our summaries at work or during your daily commute or even listen while driving or running your errands.
Each book in our BBB database comes with its unique BBB cover, book and publisher info, and two types of briefings depending on your needs. The first is a 9-page detailed briefing, while the other is a much shorter version of around 3 pages; the gist of the gist if you will. As for audio, our briefings rarely – if ever – exceed 15 minutes, which means you can finish 4 books in an hour!
In addition, BBB provides book insights such as book review snippets from the world’s top publishers like the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Forbes, along with videos for the author.
We also have a Wisdoms section featuring the best and most memorable quotes from the original book, which you can save to your Extracts library on BBB or share across social media.
In terms of subscriptions, we have several options for individuals, which you can find out more about here. If you prefer a business account for your company, get in touch with us via email.

How Does BBB Work?

As a book summary provider, Best Book Briefings comprises a massive database of summaries in a variety of fields, where readers – or listeners – can organize their books and playlists.
Our subscribers are executives, professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and even students.

BBB Features

- Reader-friendly formats and designs

- Lowest rates guaranteed

- Variety of reading options (text/audio/visuals)

- Real-time Support

- Individual and corporate subscriptions

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