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    Author: Meg Meeker

    Published in:7/21/2024

    Every child needs a father, and that includes grown children. A dad is the one they look up to as the hero who can meet any challenge thrown at the family. The human family was meant to have mothers and fathers working together, and when they work together, as they were ...More...

  2. New Briefing

    Getting to Yes with Yourself

    Author: William Ury

    Published in:7/10/2024

    While Getting to Yes With Yourself aims to improve your ability to negotiate effectively, it is designed with a much broader goal in mind: to help you achieve the inner satisfaction that will, in turn, make your life better, your relationships healthier, your family happier, your work more productive, and the ...More...

  3. Want to be successful on social media? Want to build your network marketing business the right way? Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing would be your best guide! Network marketing experts Ray and Jessica Higdon teach you proven strategies for marketing and prospecting that allow you to navigate your way ...More...

  4. New Briefing

    Constructive Wallowing

    Author: Tina Gilbertson

    Published in:6/27/2024

    “Constructive wallowing” seems like an oxymoron. Constructive is a good thing, but wallowing is bad. Right? But wait a minute; is it really so terrible to give ourselves a time-out to feel our feelings? Or is it possible that wallowing is an act of loving kindness, right when we need it ...More...

  5. New Briefing

    Keeping It in the Family

    Author: James W. Lea

    Published in:6/23/2024

    Keeping It in the Family is about how you, as the owner of a business, can plan and carry out the transfer of your company to your children or other family members. It's also about how a prospective successor to a family business can prepare for future ownership and management. It ...More...

  6. New Briefing

    Managing Talent

    Author: Michel Syrett Marion Devine

    Published in:6/13/2024

    Drawing on original research, including interviews with senior executives, recruitment specialists and people considered to be “talented” within their organizations, Managing Talent outlines how companies are facing the challenge of recruiting and developing the talent they need. Full of useful insights and practical help for those who are responsible for the ...More...

  7. New Briefing


    Author: Chris Burniske Jack Tatar

    Published in:6/10/2024

    The Internet has irrevocably changed the world, and it continues to do so as developers build on the platform of connection it creates. Thus, far, the World Wide Web has been the greatest meta-application to leverage the underlying fiber of the Internet. The indexed web contains at least 4.73 billion pages, ...More...

  8. Every day, parents and their kids ask us for ideas on what kinds of businesses kids can start and run. Believe it or not, there are plenty of businesses that kids as young as 8 or 9 years old can start and make money at! Running a lemonade stand for a ...More...

  9. New Briefing

    How to Have a Good Day

    Author: Caroline Webb

    Published in:6/2/2024

    In How to Have a Good Day, Webb explains exactly how to apply science to our daily tasks and routines. She translates three big scientific ideas into step-by-step guidance that shows us how to set better priorities, make our time go further, ace every interaction, be our smartest selves, strengthen our personal ...More...

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