1. New Briefing


    Author: Tasha Eurich

    Published in:11/14/2018

    Self-awareness is the meta-skill of the twenty-first century. If we’re not self-aware, it’s almost impossible to master the skills that make us stronger team players, superior leaders, and better relationship builders—at work and beyond. The lifelong journey to understanding who we are and how we’re seen can be a bumpy one, full ...More...

  2. New Briefing

    Fire and Fury

    Author: Michael Wolff

    Published in:1/14/2018

    With extraordinary access to the Trump White House, Michael Wolff tells the inside story of the most controversial presidency of our time. The first nine months of Donald Trump’s term were stormy, outrageous—and absolutely mesmerizing. Now Wolff tells the riveting story of how Trump launched a tenure as volatile and fiery ...More...

  3. New Briefing

    The One Thing You Need to Know

    Author: Marcus Buckingham

    Published in:12/21/2017

    In The One Thing You Need to Know, Buckingham gives the readers an invaluable course in outstanding achievement—a guide to capturing the essence of the three areas fundamental to professional activity. Great management, great leading, and career success—he draws on a wealth of examples to reveal the single controlling insight that ...More...

  4. New Briefing

    The Tolerant Society

    Author: Lee Carroll Bollinger

    Published in:12/19/2017

    Bollinger provides a masterful critique of the major theories of freedom of expression, finding these theories persuasive but inadequate. Buttressing his argument with references to the well-known Skokie case and many other examples, as well as with a careful analysis of the primary literature on free speech, he contends that the ...More...

  5. New Briefing


    Author: Michael B. Horn Heather Staker

    Published in:12/18/2017

    Online learning has improved dramatically since its arrival. Online content is becoming more engaging. And most students now have an internet device within reach, whether as a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile smartphone. Furthermore, an increasing number of students are experiencing online learning while continuing to attend their traditional brick-and-mortar ...More...

  6. New Briefing

    The Key to Sustainable Cities

    Author: Gwendolyn Hallsmith

    Published in:12/14/2017

    All over the world, cities and towns are challenged with sudden and significant increases in population that tax their ability to meet the needs of residents. A great migration is underway. Some 20 million people move to cities every year, a human transmigration unprecedented in history. From 1950 to 1990 the ...More...

  7. New Briefing

    Unlocking Public Value

    Author: Martin Cole Greg Parston

    Published in:12/12/2017

    In Unlocking Public Value, Marty Cole and Greg Parston offer public services practitioners a unique tool to help them capture the mix of goals or outcomes, some reflecting local, some global, concerns, and measure performance in attaining these outcomes. Providing a framework and step-by-step process for defining these outcomes is one ...More...

  8. New Briefing

    Business Doctor

    Author: Arnold S. Goldstein

    Published in:12/10/2017

    This book, loaded with fascinating examples of turnaround successes, is essential for every business owner. From a synopsis of why companies fail, to ways to resolve creditor problems, its strategies should be read by anyone with a faltering business. ...More...

  9. New Briefing

    Banana Thinking

    Author: Mick Harrison

    Published in:12/7/2017

    A work associate came into my office the other day eating a banana peeled from the bottom instead of the stem end. I told him that I had never thought of peeling a banana in such a manner. He told me that he had recently seen a TV documentary on a ...More...

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