Driving Down Cost

How to Manage and Cut Costs Intelligently

by Andrew Wileman

Number of pages: 256

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

BBB Library: Operations Management

ISBN: 9781857885446

About the Author

Wileman is a consultant to large multinational enterprises. He manages projects covering strategy, organization, acquisitions and operational performance. He is widely known as business writer.


Editorial Review

Driving Down Cost is the first accessible and practical book to address cost management for managers across the board. Drawing on over twenty-five years of consultancy experience from over fifty international, large scale one-time cost reduction projects, Andrew Wileman provides a toolkit filled with key ideas and strategies for analyzing cost management, including procuring and managing accounts, which is something that is relevant to both private and public sector organizations. He includes practical techniques for implementing cost reduction programs and real-life, international case studies, not only discussing the clevel ways to avoid costs but also the smart, innovative ways to cut them. This is essential reading for those looking to manage cost effectively and see their businesses safely through the rough waters of our current economy. 

Book Reviews

"This book treats it seriously as an issue for management at all levels, with useful tool kits and case studies, realistic ideas, and refreshing candour, including ideas for the public sector where this book should be even more widely appreciated than in other sections of industry." Engineering and Technology Magazine

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Wisdom to Share

Understanding and playing the balance of power between buyer and supplier is a key in supplier management.

Being a good cost manager buys you time to make mistakes and build revenue, margin to outprice your competitors, funds to out invest them.

Strong leadership is a prerequisite for good cost management.