Hot Commodities

How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World's Best Market

by Jim Rogers

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, INC.

BBB Library: Economics and Investment

ISBN: 9780812973716

About the Author

Jim Rogers Co-founded the Quantum Fund. He works as a professor of finance at Columbia University's business school, and as a media commentator worldwide. He is the author of two other books on investment. He lives in New York City.


Editorial Review

Why Commodities get no respect? Too many so-called smart investors consider themselves diversified if they have money in stocks, bonds, real-estate, and/maybe, for the sophisticated, some currencies. But commodities rarely, if ever, hit the radar screen. Successful investors look for opportunities to buy value cheap and hold it long-term, regardless of the market. Then they sell, when prices rise up, profiting from the margin between their buy & sell prices. Then, why do they refrain from investing in commodities? The answer: they think it’s risky, volatile, complex, and downright dangerous to put money on commodities.

Book Reviews

"His latest book is Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably in the World’s Best Market. In it, he explains what commodities are (essentially, natural resources, like oil, or metals – gold, silver, copper, zinc, and so on, or agricultural products, like sugar, etc). He lays out his case that a huge bull market is underway in these commodities, and that has a long way to run yet. Rogers turned bullish on commodities in 1998, while everyone else was watching the US stock market. No one would listen to him in 1998. But time has proven him right, with many commodities taking off in recent years. And Rogers says there’s more to come in the years ahead." CBN

"The power of this book lies in the fact that while the fundamentals for copper have changed since the book was written, by applying the same analytical techniques that Rogers uses, readers will come to their own conclusion that copper has a bright future. For this reason precisely, this book is recommended to anyone who wants to learn the basics of the commodities sector and gain some insight into the very components that make up physical consumption in our daily lives." The Queen's Business Review

"Hot Commoditiesis a must read if you want to participate in commodities. Jim Rogers gives the readers of this book a good understanding of how changes in supply and demand impact commodity prices and how to profit from them. This is not a book forday trading commodity futures– it is a guide for long-term investing in commodities during a long-term bull market. Eventually, annual supplies will outpace demand and the rally will end. At that point, it will probably be the time to start buying stocks again."

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Wisdom to Share

Go against the crowd and make profits; while the crowd keeps on walking the same old track, losing their money.

Futures fix a price. But the price of futures themselves is never fixed.

Instead of trying to beat the averages in the market, you join them by purchasing a fund that features a basket of stocks guaranteed to match the average, no matter what. You put up your money and the index fund buys shares in the companies that make up the other relevant indexes. Your investment is on automatic pilot.

Speculator is a dirty word in most circles. But in the world of commodities the speculator is crucial, the grease in the system that keeps the markets moving and keeps it liquid.

Short selling is one of the most confusing moves for first-time investors. For pros, however, it’s one of the handiest tools for turning someone else’s misfortune into a profit.

Your success depends on the market averages rather than on the genius of a fund manager. The relevant goes up or down, and so does your fund.

I am convinced that value and strength in the commodities markets will continue for years to come, that we are in the beginning of a long-term secular commodities bull market.