Time Warrior

How to defeat procrastination, people-pleasing, self-doubt, over-commitment, broken promises and chaos

by Steve Chandler

Number of pages: 238

Publisher: Maurice Bassett

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1600250378

About the Author

Chandler is a world-famous personal success coach to people from all walks of life, including bestselling authors, public speakers, CEOs, media personalities, university faculty, and salespeople.


Editorial Review

Non-linear time management is a commitment to action in the present moment. It’s looking at a task and choosing NOW or “not now.” If it’s not now, it’s got to be NEVER, or placed in a time capsule that has a spot on the calendar and therefore out of the mind. The mind must remain clear and empty of all future considerations. The old-fashioned time management programs had a huge, burdensome focus on the future. The line of tasks stretched out forever into the future. This resulted in massive, pathological procrastination. Everything got put off in the name of perfectionism. Therefore there wasn’t much astonishing success happening for the world-weary practitioner. But when people go non-linear, new life and energy come in. When they open their emails, they don’t save them for later. They have to deal with them if they open them. All fear comes from picturing the future. Putting things off increases that fear. Only a warrior’s approach will solve this. A warrior takes his sword to the future and to all circumstances that don’t allow him to fully focus.

Book Reviews

"This book is pithy and easy to read." - Green Leaf Advocacy

"Anyone who wants some new insight on time management, or who needs extra motivation can check it out. If you enjoy it, the book can definitely help you get things going." - Time Competence

" Time Warriors is about creating a big life but it is also about finding the small moments that lead up to the big moments" - Samurai Mind Online

" It will take some time for this to sink in properly … which just makes everything he says in his book true because it doesn’t have to “take time”, but I’ve put some things into practice already and it is definitely making a difference." - Views From Veronique

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Wisdom to Share

Most people think too much. Then they compound that problem by studying the feelings that come up for them as a result of that thinking.

Bruce Lee identified the warrior as an average person with laser-like focus. But what if the average person has no focus, laser-like or otherwise?

We average people are usually too diffuse to connect with anything. We scatter our forces. We try to please.

Time cannot be found. However, it can be made.

Why do you let other people clutter up your day? Because you want to please them? Because you believe their approval is everything?

Most of our belief systems and therefore most of our fears originated in childhood. All those fearful beliefs are adopted from others

Most people stay stuck in a version of childhood forever. But can you blame them?

How do I distinguish between waitinglistening inside for inspirationand procrastination?

You can solve all the worry and decision-making anxiety by taking action.

The time warrior steals from the future. Then he/she pours her stolen gold into the present moment.