Walk the Walk

The #1 Rule for Real Leaders

by Alan Deutschman

Number of pages: 208

Publisher: Portfolio

BBB Library: Leadership

ISBN: 9781591843665

About the Author

Deutschman is one of America’s most provocative thinkers about leadership and change. He is the author of "Change or Die" and "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs." He is a keynote speaker at leadership conferences, and a consultant and lecturer on the subject of personal and organizational change.


Editorial Review

In Walk the Walk, Alan Deutschman offers a new take on the true nature of great leadership. Though some experts make it seem complicated, it is actually breathtakingly simple. According to Deutschman, most leaders focus too much on what they say and not nearly enough on setting an example. This book shows what happens in those unusual cases of true leaders-in business, education, the military, and nonprofits-who always walked the walk, especially when times got tough. In a skeptical world, their actions gave them more credibility than even the best possible speeches. Consider how Martin Luther King Jr. was so committed to nonviolence that he let a racist detractor beat him up in front of a crowded auditorium rather than raise a hand against him.

Book Reviews

"In "Walk the Walk,Mr. Deutschman, a consultant and ­former ­Fortune magazine writer, argues that ­leaders are most effective when they rely on the power of their ­example." The Wall Street Journal

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Leaders strive to change the ways that other people think, feel and act. Leadership is about creating change.

There are always a multitude of values that are well worth enshrining.