Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today

Education - Our Children - Their Futures

by Richard Gerver

Number of pages: 160

Publisher: Network Educational Press

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9781855393943

About the Author

He is a former National Teaching Award winner, and has been described as one of the most innovative and inspirational school leaders of our time.


Editorial Review

There is a wide recognition around the world that the traditional models of schooling are no longer fit for purpose. Teaching is an extraordinary profession, a vocation and, above all, a great privilege. However, teachers cannot educate children by themselves. It is not teachers or parents who are the shapers of the future; it is our children.  In this book we learn how we can prepare our children for their future. Together, as parents and educators, we must build a system that will illuminate their world. We must ensure a system that develops in them the skills and experiences to feel confident in their tomorrow. It is up to us not to fear, but to prepare them to lead us into the unknown.

Book Reviews

"We must prepare our children for the challenges of tomorrow, writes Gerver, where adaptability, and emotional, social and intellectual awareness, are vital. If you want to understand that future, read this book, and join the revolution, now. " – Sublime

"An excellent book that will make you think critically about learning and how to create an education system that cherishes the talents and abilities of young people.” – Nikhil Goyal, author and activist

"OF FIRST EDITION: In the internationally recognised Grange Primary school, high standards and an inspiring and magical learning experience are not mutually exclusive...Richard explains the pedagogy and culture at the root of this successful approach and the vision we need for teachers and heads everywhere.” – Dr Des Hewitt, Dr Des Hewitt, Assistant Head of Teacher Education (Primary Education) and Acting B.Ed Programme Leader, University of Derby, UK

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Wisdom to Share

The vast majority of children don’t see school as learning for life, but as learning to jump little hurdles and, like successful Olympians, our highest school achievers learn to play the game and run the race with great timing and confidence.

The world of our children will be even more uncertain than our own. The rapid development of globalization and communication means that the world will become more and more fragmented, depersonalized, and decentralized.

Branding is a complex science but one which we believe that schools and people with reasonability for learning must embrace.

We live in a society where the risk of failure is seen as something to be avoided at all costs. But the reality is that we are born risk-takers. In fact, we are born as the perfect learning machines.

You learn nothing new from getting everything right. You only ever learn something new when you make a mistake or realize you can’t do something.

Education seeks to develop the adult citizens who will improve the world in which we live. Business needs well-educated citizens to ensure businesses and industry thrive in the future.

A school of the future is about understanding the learning and management of that learning; it is about creating flexible, almost liquid, environments that can change and develop as quickly as the world around them.

The creativity comes from the way it is introduced and developed with the children.

Schools should be seen as the meeting places of experiences that then become the centers of learning.

We must wrap learning in contexts that allow children to celebrate newly acquired skills and immediately demonstrate the benefits to them and to their future.