Eliminating Waste in Business

Run Lean, Boost Profitability

by Linda M. Orr , Dave J. Orr

Number of pages: 356

Publisher: Apress

BBB Library: Operations Management

ISBN: 9781430260882

About the Authors

Linda M. Orr : Dr. Linda M. Orr is an Assistant Professor of Marketing and


Dave J. Orr : Dave J. Orr is a lecturer at Kent State University teaching


Editorial Review

We actually send documents to more people because we can, because it is so easy to send a mass e-mail. Then, everyone who got the e-mail, at a minimum, wastes the time it takes to read it. It’s so easy to set up meetings and invite anyone to the meeting with the click of a mouse. So we do it, without even thinking about the time it wastes. In our personal and professional lives, we have actually increased our daily costs and made our lives less efficient. This book is about a radically new way of thinking. Don’t think, “Where can I buy the cheapest X?” Instead think, “Do I need to buy X at all?”

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Wisdom to Share

Strategy is constant. Tactics change.

An organization needs to figure out what it does, make sure it is feasible, and do it the best they possibly can.

Strategy must include the overall vision of the organization as taught in MBA schools. But it must also go way beyond what is taught in these classes. It must also include steps that are necessary to achieve this vision.

There are no magic formulas, no one-size-fits-all approaches, and no quick fixes.

It doesn’t matter how cool your product is, how much money you dump into advertising, or how many discounts and sales you have. If customers don’t love your product, they won’t buy it repeatedly. They won’t tell their friends, and they will often leave in search of a product they do love.

You have to give the customer an overall experience, or they won’t have a connection to your product.

A development process usually kicks off with some kind of information gathering, whether it is gathering customer requirements or market data.

The most productive salesperson is the one who spends more time analyzing accounts, and less time courting them.

Social media can be a useful tool if the efforts are targeted, but the outcome of the targeted efforts must be measurable.