Killing Sacred Cows

Overcoming the Financial Myths That Are Destroying Your Prosperity

by Garrett B. Gunderson , Stephen Palmer

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group Press

BBB Library: Economics and Investment

ISBN: 9781929774517

About the Authors

Garrett B. Gunderson : Garrett B. Gunderson is an entrepreneur who became a multimillionaire by


Stephen Palmer : Stephen is a scholar, writer, entrepreneur and teacher.


Editorial Review

Western culture is riddled with destructive myths about money and prosperity that are severely limiting individuals' power, creativity, and financial potential. In Killing Sacred Cows, Gunderson boldly exposes ingrained fallacies and misguided traditions in the world of personal finance.

Book Reviews

"killing Sacred Cows (ussurprisingly) takes on some financial “myths” that the author argues is destroying your prosperity. As with all such books, it’s an entertaining read and it makes quite a few good points—and quite a few questionable ones. That’s why it’s worth reading—it, at the very least, provokes you into thinking about things." The Simple Dollar

"One of the great things about his book is it’s chock full of quotes. Some of the quotes are used to illustrate specific myths and how they are perpetuated over time. Many others add credibility to the author’s assertions. Together with the quotes and anecdotes, the pithy ideas presented offer a soul-searching re-examination of why you do what you do. You will take a hard look at your behaviors and tendencies, and will likely make important changes as a result." Lead on Purpose Blog

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Wisdom to Share

A bank balance doesn't have the power to change people, only people can change their understanding of a relationship with their bank balance.

The amount of currency available to you does nothing but make you more of what you already are.

Money cannot bring us happiness. It can facilitate the purchase of items that contribute to our joy in life, but money in itself has no intrinsic value.

Everyone wants to be happy and it's that desire for happiness that drives all human behavior.

Productivity is the standard of value, not numbers.

In a world of cause and effect, money is an effect while creating value for people is the cause.

A big percentage of the battle to create wealth is simply learning to look and see what most people don't see.

Our parents pass along to us their own ideas about money. Even if their ideas are not explicit, we absorb them through observation.

Most of the myths originated during major economic or cultural developments, and are solidified by financial institutions that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

In the financial world, sacred cows are the myths and traditions that distort our thinking about money, wealth, success and prosperity.