Negotiating for Success

Essential Strategies and Skills

by George Siedel

Number of pages: 168

Publisher: The Strategy Business , Van Rye

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing, Communication

ISBN: 9780990367192

About the Author

Siedel is the Professor of Business Law at the University of Michigan. He teaches negotiation in the MBA program at Michigan’s Ross School of Business and in seminars around the world to business leaders, entrepreneurs, attorneys, physicians, and athletic directors.


Editorial Review

We all negotiate on a daily basis. We negotiate with our spouses, children, parents and friends. We negotiate when we rent an apartment, buy a car, purchase a house and apply for a job. The ability to negotiate might be the most important factor in your career advancement. Negotiation is also a key to business success. No organization can survive without profitable contracts. At a strategic level, businesses are concerned with value creation and achieving competitive advantage. But the success of high-level business strategies depends on contracts made with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. Contracting capability – the ability to negotiate and perform successful contracts – is the important function in any organization. 

Book Reviews

"this book provides a roadmap you can use when navigating through your life as a negotiator." - Scribd

"The book is unique in its organization by covering each step in the negotiation process chronologically from preparation through performance." - Negotiation Planner

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Wisdom to Share

The ability to negotiate might be the most important factor in your career advancement.

Negotiation is a key to business success.

Assuming that your oral agreement is binding in a situation where law requires a written contract carries a huge financial risk

You should never enter into a contract negotiation without understanding the rules about whether writing is required.

To decide whether to negotiate, you have to ask yourself: Is your negotiation a position-based or an interest-based one?

If your ethical dilemma arises at work, you should look to your company’s code of conduct for guidance.

The company standards might have a compliance focus, where the goal is to prevent liability by complying with the law.

The company might have an integrity focus, where the goal is to encourage responsible conduct through standards that go beyond the law.

Negotiation was traditionally viewed as a position-based activity.

Negotiation success depends more on asking questions to harvest information than on persuasion.