Reinventing Coaching

A New Business And Life Approach For Coaching Yourself And Others To Find Your Zone

by Anas Aldahoud

Number of pages: 180

Publisher: Jones Media Publishing

BBB Library: Booklets

ISBN: 978-1948382236

About the Author

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Anas strives to bring out the best in the organization’s teams and individuals. He leads unique group training and 1:1 coaching sessions, focusing on positive psychology. His style of mentoring helps individuals expand their engagement, productivity, and effectiveness to better serve the organization strategy and objectives.


Editorial Review

Reinventing Coaching presents Coring, a new model that takes traditional coaching to a new level. A new approach aimed to help you find and be in your zone. Coring proves you are valuable; but unless you’re in the right place, your worth will remain hidden and unacknowledged. It’s not a book meant to be read for leisure; it’s meant to be acted upon and used as a manual for improving the reader’s life. Coring is a methodology designed to broaden self-awareness to help individuals set goals and take actions aligned with their core personalities, guiding them to the environment in which they’d thrive.The Coring process is robust. Relying on science and research, it’s built to withstand the common problems facing the self-development field. While people usually seek coaching when they’re facing problems, the authors encourage everyone to use the Coring tool for self-development regardless of whether they’re struggling. Coring isn’t a problem-solving technique; it’s a methodology that will awaken your inner guide and bring you closer to your zone, a habitat that brings out the best you.At the time of writing, there are more than 7 billion people on Earth. It’s time for you to discover who you are among them. What makes you stand out? What makes you authentic? How can you create a life where you’re fully happy and satisfied, even if it’s different from the life your family, friends, and community expect you to live?

Book Reviews

"If you've ever wanted to work with a life coach, give this a try first. It's self-coaching at it's best. And it's a truly helpful book that deserves a lot more attention."

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Wisdom to Share

A coach is a carriage that carries you from where you are to your very best self. But who’s driving the carriage?

Good coaches take a back seat to observe your driving, and they intervene only when they have to.

Coring brings coaching back to its basics and beyond, enabling the coree to achieve a greater level of self-awareness.

It takes courage to drive your own carriage, but it’s worth it.

Coaching, psychotherapy, and training are three fields that are often confused with each other, but they each serve a different function in society.

A coach’s success depends on their ability to develop a relationship with the coachee that fosters the space for them to learn and discover more about themselves.

The golden rule of coaching is to never tell— to resist the urge to give feedback or advice.

Let go of your ideals of who you “should” be, and ground yourself in reality. Only then can you begin to improve yourself.

Happiness can motivate us to delay our gratification, focus on promotion goals, and generally improve our productivity.

Actions have a ripple effect— just one positive action can improve every other area of your life.