Tactical LinkedIn® Secrets

Dominate in an Age of Noise, Competition and Attention Market Share

by David Cobb

Number of pages: 252

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

BBB Library: Booklets

ISBN: 978-1631957765

About the Author

David Cobb is the owner/founder of Archon Commercial Advisors based in Orlando, Fl. His foray into the author space through Tactical LinkedIn® Secrets: Rantings from a Superconnector expands his reach across industry verticals. The book arms readers with a digital quiver to broaden strategic relationships, increase capital returns and build credibility. David’s non-profit, Rebounding & Writing, instills creative digital writing adeptness to a select group of young athletes of color—with an inclination for creativity, learning and leadership. He resides in Orlando, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina.


Editorial Review

Tactical LinkedIn Secrets will teach you to stand out and gain competitive dominance in your marketing place. The advice and knowledge provided will prepare you with what I coin as, “arrows for your digital quiver.” Your quiver is an assemblage of tools for you to apply and optimize.  

Book Reviews

"This book is filled with so many gems or "Cobbisms" that just reading a few chapters will get you excited about the possibilities."

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Wisdom to Share

The ones who dominate are the ones who are armed withtactical secrets.

You must approach these digital waters with caution.

LinkedIn is the new arena of high-levelcompetition between businesses, and it’s where you’ll find the next generation of winners and losers.

LinkedIn is a gateway of first impressions– mediocre, unimaginative, “vanilla” profiles can do active damage to your reputation.

Businesses who don’t have profiles at all are archaic and out of touch.

The way we communicate has evolved. Have you?

No one cares about your titles or accreditations– digital consumers are after human connections, not logos or brands.

Imagine missing out on the most amazing opportunity of your career because of a bad three-second impression.

The first step in performing a “digital deep dive” on a person you’re interested in is usually their LinkedIn profile.

Whatever you post, no matter how private or public, will stay on the Internet.