Teach with Your Strengths

How Great Teachers Inspire Their Students

by Rosanne Liesveld , Jo Ann Miller

Number of pages: 208

Publisher: Gallup Press

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9781595620064

About the Authors

Rosanne Liesveld : Rosanne is Managing Partner of Gallup's Education Practice. She began her


Jo Ann Miller : Jo Ann Miller, a senior education consultant and seminar leader, has


Editorial Review

In Teach with Your Strengths, you'll hear from great teachers, many of whom reveal their unorthodox—and sure to be controversial—approaches. You'll gain key insights gleaned from 40 years of research into great teaching. And, you'll take an online assessment that reveals your Signature Themes of talent.

Book Reviews

"This book is no magic bullet for helping a teacher become great, but it certainly will lead the reader down a path of success. By applying the principles of signature themes, all teachers may become their own personal best." Suite

"This is definitely a teachers book. I consider myself a teacher at heart so I enjoyed it. But again if you are looking for something specific to the challenges of a home learning environment, all of the talk about "classroom" use might be a distraction." The Old School House

"Then you may be equally underwhelmed by the rest of this exercise in “positive psychology” and “strengths-based development,” which culminates in the opportunity to complete an online “talent assessment instrument”—the Clifton StrengthsFinder—to zero in on your own top five “signature themes.” Ed Week

"Teach with Your Strengths was developed to help teachers uncover their talents and build their strengths in order to become great teachers. The authors, Liesveld and Miller, are both former educators who now work in the Education Division of the Gallup Organization." Digital Commons

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Wisdom to Share

Great teachers are the most valuable professionals in society; they provide our young people with the education they need to be successful.

The more you think about your talents, the more you’ll notice how they contribute to your strengths.

Begin each meeting with a short focus on strengths. Get creative about the types of questions you ask.

Consider how you can tap into your Signature Themes to accomplish your yearly goals in your classroom.

When preparing your agenda each day, consider your talents. Think about how you can best use them to accomplish each task.

Identify three people who are important to your personal development and the fulfillment of your role.

Think about working with a mentor or strengths coach.

Write a personal mission statement describing your purpose in life and at work.

Relator describes your attitude toward your relationships. In simple terms, the Relator theme pulls you to-ward people you already know.

Timelessness can also serve as a clue to talent.

Satisfactions are psychological fulfillments that result when you take on and successfully meet “challenges” that engage your greatest talents.

The speed at which you learn a new skill or gain new knowledge provides a telltale clue to the talent’s presence and power.

Rapid learning offers another trace of talent. In the context of a new challenge or a new environment, something sparks your talent.

A yearning can be described as a pull or a magnetic influence that draws you to a particular activity or environment time and again.

You can give weakness management systems a try—they are tremendously useful.

Yearnings reveal the presence of a talent, particularly when they are felt early in life.