Thanks for the Feedback

The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

by Douglas Stone , Sheila Heen

Number of pages: 368

Publisher: Viking

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 9780143127130

About the Authors

Douglas Stone : Doug is a Founder of Triad Consulting and a Lecturer on


Sheila Heen : Sheila is a Founder of Triad Consulting Group and a Lecturer


Editorial Review

This book is about the profound challenge of being on the receiving end of feedback – good or bad, right or wrong, flippant, caring, or callous. Our primary purpose is to take an honest look at why receiving feedback is hard, and how to provide a framework and some tools that can help you metabolize challenging, even crazy-making information and use it to fuel insight and growth.

Book Reviews

"The book which is from theHarvard Negotiation Projectoffers frameworks and tools to help people deal with feedback more effectively.The book is on the sizable side with 13 chapters and 348 pages and is an amusing one to read. Be warned though, it is high on theory and models, but is balanced out by pragmatic examples all through the book illustrating theoretical explanations. The book has a humorous edge too, with tiny bits of quirky statements embedded throughout the book." trainingone

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Wisdom to Share

Feedback includes any information you get about yourself.

In the broadest sense, Feedback is how we learn about ourselves from our experiences and from other people – how we learn from life.

We reject, defend, or counterattack, sometimes in the conversation but always in our minds.

There are lots of good reasons not to take feedback, and at the front of the line stands this one: It’s wrong. The advice is bad, the evaluation is unjust, the perception someone has of us is outdated or incomplete.

Before we determine whether feedback is right or wrong, we first have to understand it.

All too often, feedback that is offered as coaching is heard as evaluation.