The Kremlin School of Negotiation

by Igor Ryzov

Number of pages: 400

Publisher: Canongate Books

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-1786896070

About the Author

Igor Ryzov is a business coach for companies across Russia, and has been a business technology teacher since 2006. He runs open and corporate ‘Hard Negotiations’ training sessions. The Kremlin School of Negotiation won the 2016 PwC award for best business book in the Russian language.


Editorial Review

Negotiating is something that we all do, whether at work or at home. But what if we come across someone who just won’t give in? How can we defend ourselves against manipulation? And how do we say “no” without compromising a deal? Using the official Kremlin method, Igor Ryzov guides us through the most effective techniques for negotiating terms that satisfy both parties. From knowing how to get the most information about a potential deal to how to read your counterpart and to advice on defusing tension, this comprehensive handbook ensures a mutually acceptable resolution that leaves you walking away successfully while also avoiding strained relationships. With practical examples and exercises to practise your negotiating skills, The Kremlin School of Negotiation will offer the tools you need to master any deal.

Book Reviews

With practical examples, and exercises to hone your negotiating skills, The Kremlin School of Negotiation will offer the tools you need to master any deal.

This is a masterclass. A must-read for anyone who wants to do anything. We engage in daily negotiations, usually unprepared, and when we do prepare, we do so with unachievable goals and an unproductive mindset. This book is gold.

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Wisdom to Share

It is very dangerous to view the negotiation process from a win/loss perspective. We focus on tactics at the cost of the strategy.

If you can show the person backed up against a wall a possible way out. The outcome will change quite markedly.

Don't try to educate people or moralise with them.

Hiding behind a tough and inflexible position, we often lose sight of our benefit and simply fight for the position we hold, setting ourselves up for failure.

When you enter into a negotiation, you are basically engaging in combat with an opponent.

While theory will point you to what is intellectually the right course of action, you must never underestimate the value of real-life experience.

You need to know how to hold a negotiation against people who won’t play by your rules.

Negotiation is a science and an art.

No single book or lesson can make a great negotiator.

A “win” isn’t always good, a “loss” isn’t always bad.