The YouTube Formula

How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue

by Derral Eves

Number of pages: 352

Publisher: Wiley

BBB Library: Creativity and Innovation, Education

ISBN: 978-1119716020

About the Author

Derral is CEO of Creatus, a video marketing and strategy company, and the founder of VidSummit, an annual event in Los Angeles for video creators and marketers. He has helped 24 YouTube channels go from zero to more than a million subscribers, and he has generated 54 billion views on YouTube.


Editorial Review

Derral Eves has generated over 60 billion views on YouTube and helped 24 channels grow to one million subscribers from zero. In The YouTube Formula: How Anyone Can Unlock the Algorithm to Drive Views, Build an Audience, and Grow Revenue, the owner of the largest YouTube how-to channel provides the secrets to getting the results that every YouTube creator and strategist wants. Eves will reveal what readers can't get anywhere else: the inner workings of the YouTube algorithm that's responsible for determining success on the platform, and how creators can use it to their advantage.  

Book Reviews

"Only one or two other people in the entire world understand YouTube on the level that Derral does. I have one of the top three most-watched channels on YouTube, and I still talk about YouTube data and strategy with Derral because nobody is on the same wavelength as he is. Whether you have 5 subscribers or 5 million, you can learn how to be successful on YouTube by reading Derral's book."

"When you talk about the 'brains behind the throne' among top YouTube stars, you're talking about Derral Eves. His unique understanding of the inner workings of YouTube, coupled with an insatiable appetite to find out why certain videos perform and others languish has placed him at the forefront of online video experts. Derral understands not only WHAT you need to do to build a bigger audience, but WHY you need to do it. Whether you're looking to build a big business on YouTube or just build a community of passionate fans, this book packs more inside than you'd get from months of expensive consulting and painstaking trial and error. Find out why so many top YouTubers call Derral both a friend and a confidant by buying this book right now–and you'll be taking the first step to making all your YouTube dreams come true!"

"Derral Eves has a YouTube superpower. He can spend five minutes looking at a YouTube channel's analytics and give a handful of actionable suggestions. Not just helpful tips, but algorithmic game changers. The fingerprints of Derral's strategic brain are on most of my largest successes."

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Wisdom to Share

To be able to succeed in our future, we have to learn from our past.

YouTube was originally built as a website where people can share videos of themselves to meet new people.

YouTube was singlehandedly able to disrupt the entertainment industry and provided a platform where everyone could make their own content beyond the entertainment industry.

A digital ecosystem works much like a natural ecosystem: there are a lot of moving parts, and all of those parts affect the organization as a whole.

MCNs, or multi-channel networks, played an important role at the beginning of YouTube, connecting brands with creators and managing other elements of the creator experience.

YouTube's digital ecosystem is a multidimensional cycle that starts with creators uploading videos and ends with copyright holders getting attributed for their original works.

It’s recommended that YouTube content creators stop approaching YouTube as an entertainment platform, but rather as a platform where they can learn, not just upload their videos and never open the website again until it’s time to upload the next one.

Content creators need to become ‘students of the data.’

You have to be aware of copying others and not learning from them. Instead, you can learn from others' methods, content, and themes and utilize them without copying exactly what they say and do.

Building and maintaining a successful YouTube Channel is not as easy as people think.

Analyzing your data and discovering patterns about what your audience’s preferences are will help you develop a strong foresight as to what content is worth creating and what is not worth putting out.