Visible Learning for Teachers

Maximizing Impact on Learning

by John Hattie

Number of pages: 280

Publisher: Routledge

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9780415690157

About the Author

Hattie is Professor and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia.


Editorial Review

Visible Learning for Teachers takes the next step and brings those groundbreaking concepts to a completely new audience. Written for students, pre-service and in-service teachers, it explains how to apply the principles of Visible Learning to any classroom anywhere in the world. The author offers concise and user-friendly summaries of the most successful interventions and offers practical step-by-step guidance to the successful implementation of visible learning and visible teaching in the classroom.

Book Reviews

"It is an attempt to summarise a huge amount of educational research about what works and what doesn’t into a single volume." Academic Computing.

"In his book,Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning,John Hattie examines a vast amount of research to try to answer this question." -Cult of Pedagogy

"The book explains many of the most powerful influences for students achievement and provides questionnaires, checklists and examples to introduce these aspects of Visible Learning in the classroom." -Visible Learning

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Wisdom to Share

What a student brings to the classroom each year is very much related to his or her achievement in previous years.

Our job as teachers is to plan ways in which to accelerate the growth of those who start behind, so that they can most efficiently attain the curriculum and learning objectives of the lessons alongside the brightest students.

A positive, caring, respectful climate in the classroom is a prior condition to learning.

Teachers therefore need to have the ability to identify and quickly act on potential problems and be aware of what is happening in the class.

Students need to know the boundaries of what is acceptable or not; they need to be taught how to work in groups and thus how to be involved in working with others in the learning process.

As evaluators of the teaching impacts on their learning, students are at least as effective as teachers—and often well ahead of most administrators and parents.

Visible teaching and learning occur when there is deliberate practice aimed at attaining mastery of the goal, when there is feedback given and sought, and when there are active, passionate, and engaging people participating in the act of learning.

It is teachers seeing learning through the eyes of students, and students seeing teaching as the key to their ongoing learning.