Animals Inc

A Business Parable for the 21st Century

by Kenneth A. Tucker , Vandana Allman

Number of pages: 160

Publisher: Business Plus

BBB Library: Leadership

ISBN: 978-0446530491

About the Authors

Kenneth A. Tucker : Kenneth A. Tucker is a Seminar Leader and Managing Consultant with


Vandana Allman : Vandana Allman is the Gallup Organization Practice Leader for talent-base


Editorial Review

The story takes place in “Goode Farm” and starts with a scarecrow “looking out protectively through his navy blue plastic button eyes”. Though everything looked normal at first, there was something which he gained from his twelve-year experience at the farm that “made him certain something was wrong”. Suddenly, Farmer Goode calls animals to a meeting. This was an unusual event since “normally Farmer Goode held the animal stock meeting in winter after the harvest, to tell everyone how well the farm was doing;” but there had never been a barn meeting in spring. This time was to announce the news of his retirement to “Green Pastures”, a piece of news that aroused, at first, “a great wave of protests”. Some animals got confused as whether to find another job or stay. Anyway, scarecrow remained as he had always believed that his job was to secure. He had made no plans for his future.

Book Reviews

"Managers and small business owners who are overwhelmed by the number of business books on the shelves today should turn to this humorous business parable, which is delightfully dramatized by Ward. When Farmer Good decides to retire, his animals take on the business themselves. This proves to be no easy task, however, even for a seasoned pig like Moe. Moe makes his biggest mistake early on—he values the knowledge he gleans from business books over common sense. Moe sets up training classes, believing that any animal can fill any role with suitable education." - Publishers weekly

"The overall premise of this book is that much of management has to do with common sense, and that one should avoid being duped by the management fad of the day. The overarching message is that we should emphasize people’s strengths by putting them in positions where they can utilize them best. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, this fable tries so very hard to be funny that it detracts from the simple message. In fact, the premise becomes so exaggerated in order to set up the animal puns and humor that its validity is actually called into question. Post parable, a small dose of balance is finally restored."- Be Good Ventures

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Wisdom to Share

Pick the most experienced managers, give them as much support as they need, and trust them to manage their workers. Or, as it was summed up, Manage others as you would have them manage you.

Don’t follow or apply theories blindly.

Don’t lay down rules that people fail to comprehend or carry out.

Put the right people in the right placeseniority is not always the proper criterion.

Train people on how to increase their knowledge of a certain piece of work, to excel at it, rather than acquire new pieces of information that may be difficult to apply.

Acknowledge and reward achievement.

Make your employees happy by continuously encouraging them to do what they excel at.