Crisis on Campus

A Bold Plan for Reforming Our Colleges and Universities

by Mark C. Taylor

Number of pages: 256

Publisher: Knopf

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9780307593290

About the Author

Taylor is Professor of Religion, chair of the Department of Religion and co-director of the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life at Columbia University; Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Union Theological Seminary; and Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Williams College.


Editorial Review

Much of the most important research that has contributed to the advancement of knowledge and enrichment of human life historically has been conducted in colleges and universities. In the years following World War II, increasing prosperity and enlightened government policies led to rapidly expanding undergraduate programs that created new opportunities for countless young people. But in the past four decades, this situation has gradually deteriorated. The quality of higher education is declining; colleges and universities are not adequately preparing students for life in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world. As emerging technologies continue to transform how we manage information and acquire knowledge, students will need to develop new skills and even learn different ways of thinking, reading and writing. The accelerating rate of globalization will make it necessary for people to learn more about other societies and cultures. These developments also pose new challenges and opportunities for the organization and delivery of higher education. Changes in how information is distributed and knowledge communicated will both create more competition in higher education and provide the occasion for new forms of cooperation at the local, national and even global level. While many regard these developments as a threat to the quality of higher education, we believe they offer the possibility of greatly expanding and enriching educational opportunities for people not only in their countries but throughout the world.

Book Reviews

"In Crisis on Campus, Mark C. Taylor—chair of the Department of Religion at Columbia University and a former professor at Williams College—expands on and refines the ideas presented in his widely read and hugely controversial 2009 New York Times op-ed. His suggestions for the ivory tower are both thought-provoking and rigorous: End tenure." Penguin Random House

"Mr. Taylor believes that traditional colleges will partner with for-profit companies to sell the lectures of their professors in various ways, giving the schools an income stream and making it possible for even lower- income students to learn from first-rate teachers." The Wall Street Journal

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Wisdom to Share

The only question is whether we have the vision and will to fix it before it is too late.

Complacency and hopelessness are luxuries we cannot afford.

Most people working in colleges and universities refuse to accept the way the world around them is changing.

Honesty compels us to admit that the financial resources necessary to meet the needs of higher education are not likely to be forthcoming for the foreseeable future.

When consumers become producers, they do not have to accept what others present but have the freedom to respond in creative ways.

In digital technology, the signal is divided into discrete bits that can be reproduced, divided and distributed without any loss in quality or strength.

The accumulation and transmission of information are necessary but not sufficient for the viability of higher education.

When information is the currency of the realm, education is more valuable than ever

A vibrant educational system is essential for democracy to thrive and individuals to prosper in our globalized world.

Much of the most important research that has contributed to the advancement of knowledge and enrichment of human life historically has been conducted in colleges and universities.