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Street-Smart Negotiation At Work

by Lacey T. Smith

Number of pages: 184

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

BBB Library: Communication, Personal Success

ISBN: 9780891062073

About the Author

Lacey T. Smith has a Princeton M.B.A. and a Harvard law degree. In addition to studying negotiation at the Harvard Negotiation Project and Northwesternís Kellogg School, Smith has negotiated in various industries.


Editorial Review

Street-smart negotiation at work is a guide to the art of dealing: leveraging the powers of emotion, recognizing them and adding them into one’s strategy. Additionally, there are the importance of being completely honest with oneself, proper preparations before one approaches the negotiating table, and how to cultivate three skills to improve one’s chances¾empathy, rapport and the ability to build upon differences between parties. The Street Smart Negotiation approach emphasizes street smart reality in its instructions, grounded in practical experience of simply working with complex human beings. It demonstrates: why you need to take emotion into account when negotiating? How to negotiate more successfully, by establishing rapport and empathy? And how emotion-packed skills get it to reach your objectives?

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Wisdom to Share

Reason and feelings do not have to diminish each other. On the contrary, they can, and do, support and enrich one another.

They are connected, hopes and fears, in concert with our brain’s feeling, are the major emotions that drive us and help us or prevent us from getting what we want.

Be reluctant to draw a conclusion about the other side’s hopes and fears merely from a raised eyebrow or a sidelong glance.

Questions, powerful, tactful, probing questions, can help us uncover emotions to reveal real interests.

You are in a much better position to get what you desire from the interaction, when fear is not the dominant emotion motivating you in a negotiation.

When you are unafraid, you are more open to the ideas of the other side and this can have some very beneficial effects.

It is helpful to know someone is angry and to know why as you try to persuade the person of something. If you are unaware of people’s feelings, you may say or do things that will be counterproductive to your objectives.

Test yourself: can you express what you want in thirty seconds? No? Then what you want is not clear to you.