Make Just One Change

Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

by Dan Rothstein , Luz Santana

Number of pages: 184

Publisher: Harvard Education Press

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9781612500997

About the Authors

Dan Rothstein : Rothstein graduated from Harvard College and earned a doctorate in education


Luz Santana : Santana holds a BA and master's degree from the Springfield College


Editorial Review

Make Just One Change features the voices and experiences of teachers in classrooms across the country to illustrate the use of the Question Formulation Technique across grade levels and subject areas and with different kinds of learners.

Book Reviews

"Teachers can use the approach, say the authors, at different points: to introduce students to a new unit, to assess students’ knowledge to see what they need to understand better, or for students to set a fresh learning agenda for themselves. It can be used develop science experiments, create their own research projects, begin research on a teacher-assigned topic, prepare to write an essay, analyze a word problem, think more deeply about a challenging reading assignment, prepare an interview, or simply get themselves 'unstuck.'" Forbes

"Dan Rothstein Together, they wrote Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions (2011), a book based on a seemingly simple proposition that flies in the face of teachers being the primary questioners in the classroom." Project in Folit

"As the title of this book indicates, Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana believe that education can be transformed if students, rather than teachers, assume responsibility for posing questions." Honors Advising

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Wisdom to Share

Enhance classroom practices to address inequities in education.

Increase participation in group and peer learning processes.

Encourage all students to share when reflecting in large group.

There are many ways to do the reflection, and each one brings specific benefits to the process.

Teachers who teach their students how to ask their own questions will feel greater satisfaction and see better results.

We can take action today to improve education in every classroom in every school by teaching all students how to ask their own questions.

List several ideas for possible QFocus. Keep in mind your purpose and what students will be doing with the questions.

Everyone needs the opportunity to figure out the questions that are right for them to ask.

Keep your teaching goals and learning outcomes in mind.

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a step-by-step process designed to facilitate the asking of many questions.

The skill of being able to generate a wide range of questions and strategize about how to use them effectively is rarely deliberately taught.