Positive Involvement

How to Teach Your Child Habits for School Success

by Marsha Youngblood , Jack Youngblood

Number of pages: 147

Publisher: Brownwood

BBB Library: Education, Parenting

ISBN: 9780964729506

About the Authors

Marsha Youngblood : Dr. Marsha Youngblood heads up the Center for Academic Success and


Jack Youngblood : Jack Youngblood has extensive experience with school administration, teaching, parenting, and


Editorial Review

Positive Involvement is designed to convince parents that they need to be involved in their child's learning and it is written to show them how to be both positive and effective in that involvement. As one reviewer wrote, 'The basic premise of the book is that school success is based on and should be measured by the child's own hard work. Helping a child learn the habit of work is key to doing well in school... and in life.' The book addresses how to gain a vision of what the parent wants for the child from the school experience; how to effectively encourage the child's efforts by making homework/learning a habit; how to master and use study tools that work. 

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Wisdom to Share

When students like a subject and feel that they are “good” at it, they’re more likely to work and more likely to do well.

When you try to get your children into the habit of doing homework, you’ll find out how important their feelings are.

Becoming independent is gradual.

To make homework a priority for children, parents can help by limiting the number of concerns they raise.

The parents’ task is to lead children to doing daily schoolwork so that working becomes a habit, not a choice.

You don’t want to focus on results, or grades. You want to focus on children’s making efforts, just as they did in walking and talking.

Parents reinforce the behavior they want by giving it their attention.

Parents know that when children try again and again, they’ll eventually learn.

Parents know that when children try again and again, they’ll eventually learn.