Talent IQ

Identify Your Company's Top Performers, Improve or Remove Underachievers, Boost Productivity and Profit

by Emmet C. Murphy

Number of pages: 285

Publisher: Platinum Press

BBB Library: Human Resources, Leadership

ISBN: 9781598690835

About the Author

Emmet C. Murphy is the founder and former chairman and CEO of E.C. Murphy VHA, LLC, the world's largest business and healthcare alliance specialising in business restructuring and excutive development. A New York Times bestselling author, his books have been translated worldwide and include the breakthrough bestseller Leadership IQ.


Editorial Review

Recognizing talent is a leader’s most needed task. Today, more than ever, an organization’s fate depends on its ability to identify, coach, retain and, when needed, replace talent. The simple answer to what is talent: is achievement. Talent without achievement is reduced to only potential. Let’s start by discussing the seven principles of achievement.

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Wisdom to Share

Define the organization’s mission for the present and the future. Plan for the future by understanding the present.

Leadership Talent Mapping is a problem-solving process driven by self-assessment and an affirmation of the importance of individual and team achievement.

Great organizations cut through noise and confusion to make sure that essential messages come through loud and clear.

While coaching helps to improve individual performance and skills, it must first support the organization’s goals.

A coach must understand the realities facing a company and what the company needs from the individual being coached.

Great coaches work to accelerate the learning curve for talented people.

Achievement always wins over affiliation and power.

Talent without achievement is reduced to only potential.

Recognizing talent is a leader’s most needed task.