The Power of an Hour

Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week

by Dave Lakhani

Number of pages: 224

Publisher: Wiley

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9780471780939

About the Author

Dave Lakhani is an in-demand speaker, trainer, and the President of Bold Approach, Inc., a business acceleration firm consultancy.


Editorial Review

Whether you own a business or just want to be the best person you can, you may just subject yourself to change. While time may seem like the thing you need the most of, it turns out that isn’t true. We all get the same number of minutes and hours in a day to work, create, live and prosper. It’s how we use those hours that makes the real difference in terms of the quality of our lives and the value of our businesses. In order to create the kind of change that achieves truly meaningful goals, the focus must be on what is called the Critical Power Hour. This is not to say that there won’t be times when it is necessary to focus for longer than an hour; however, those times should be limited. The Power of an Hour works because it limits the amount of time used and is focused in a specific way.

Book Reviews

"How often have you said, “If I only had more time, I would…” Many examples I have heard include “spend more time in the field,” “track and report on my efforts” or “do more proactive sourcing.” In reading Dave Lakhani’s book The Power of an Hour, you quickly reframe your thinking. It’s not about time, but about focus." Barlow McCarthy

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Wisdom to Share

Critical thinking is often misinterpreted as something negative or critical about an idea, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask yourself: what do I get personally, emotionally, spiritually or physically from achieving this goal?

There’s an old saying that goes like this: "What gets measured gets done." However, it will always be worthy to add: what gets measured gets done as long as we know specifically what we’re measuring.

We all have blocks that prevent us from achieving the goals we set in our personal life or business. It is vital that you identify your blocks and where they exist in order to be effective.

You know something needs to be addressed in order to move forward, but it is easier to simply procrastinate rather than take action.

Identify and describe the block you are facing: The more specific you can be in describing what is blocking you, the easier it is to find a solution.

The people we choose to associate with on a regular basis will have the most significant impact on our beliefs and actions.

Fear is the most significant barrier that faces anyone who sets out to create something new. Fear is a powerful motivator because as humans we are wired for self-preservation.