Unstuff Your Life!

Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good

by Andrew J. Mellen

Number of pages: 400

Publisher: AMACOM

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9781583333891

About the Author

Andrew J. Mellen is a professional organizer and life coach who has been featured widely in the media, including in O, The Oprah Magazine, on HGTV and DIY networks, and on NPR. With a coast-to-coast roster of clients, he leads workshops throughout America. He lives in New York City.


Editorial Review

Book Reviews

"In Andrew J. Mellen's book, Unstuff Your Life! he first asks you to reflect on all your "stuff" and what's truly important. If you were to list the three most important things in your life, he asks, would they really be things?" Oreg on Live

"Regardless of whether you'll be decluttering for the first or fifth time, Mellen's book can be really helpful."Thrifty Homesteader

"Unstuff Your Life is motivational, humorous and actually fairly uncomplicated."Running On Chaos Blog

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Wisdom to Share

Do not expect or demand perfection from yourself.

Stuff's only value is the value you derive from its use.

Luxury is not inherently bad.

A short description is more likely to jog your memory than just a date, so be sure to include both.

Create subfolders that accurately describe the photos you're about to deposit into them.

When transferring photos from your camera to your computer, direct them to specific folders immediately.

You have to be prepared to cull the best of your photos and let go of the rest.

Any object that upon sight causes you pain, grief, regret, embarrassment, disappointment or any form of debilitating sorrow has no place in your life.

If you never misplace keys again, this is in itself a success.

Once you know your core values, you can eliminate activities that don't align with them.

Many people cannot distinguish between themselves and the objects that surround them.

Suddenly we find we are defining ourselves in part by what we own.

If we want to unstuff our life we need to know what needs unstuffing.

Getting organized is not about doing more, it's about doing less.

Since stuff is probably not going away, we need to get with the right stuff.

Researchers say that it takes twenty-one to thirty days to build a new habit.

You can't forget what you never knew.