10x Marketing Formula

Your Blueprint for Creating 'Competition-Free Content' That Stands Out and Gets Results

by Garrett Moon

Number of pages: 368

Publisher: CoSchedule Publications

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 978-0692048276

About the Author

Garrett Moon is the CEO and Co-Founder at CoSchedule, the web's most popular marketing calendar and the fastest-growing startup in North Dakota. Ranked as the best business tool built by a startup on Entrepreneur.com, CoSchedule helps more than 10,000 marketing teams stay organized in 100+ countries around the world.


Editorial Review

The dream of content marketing is that it’s going to be a magical funnel that drips money into your bank account. Its lure is that it will create an inbound sales machine. But what should you do when it doesn’t work like that? Or even at all?   That’s the question that the 10x Marketing Formula is here to answer. It’s a formula that will show you exactly what to do (and how to do it) to achieve tenfold marketing results. This means the return you can expect will be ten times over what you put in. If you think marketing success belongs only to elite geniuses or those with huge budgets, think again—10x marketers achieve 10x growth regardless of their limitations.

Book Reviews

"Having used various CoSchedule products for years, and having followed the great ideas in their blogs, I figured that buying their CEO’s book made a lot of sense. And indeed, it was money well spent.As an investment advisor, I want to spend most of my time researching investments, preparing financial plans, and speaking with clients. As a business owner, though, I need to keep marketing on my mind as well. In order NOT to get dragged into the mix of marketing strategies and tactics, I need to make sure that all of the marketing efforts are done as efficiently as possible. That’s what Garrett Moon’s book teaches. He starts by pointing out that many companies focus on just pushing out marketing, which is an endless task, rather than focusing on what work they can do that actually brings results.He goes on to encourage readers to look at the most important metric rather than get distracted by lots of marketing movement. In other words, if a firm needs to get an ongoing stream of new email leads in order to fill its sales funnel, then that should be the metric to measure."

"I learned A LOT with this "10x Marketing Formula". The book follows us through the construction of a growth hacking formula for content creators, but it's not pretentious since we know, from the beginning, that the central idea of this "formula" is to be a framework, not a copy-paste success miracle.This book taught me to organize my content, but also to have a more genuine look at my work: the goal is essential, and I/we need to have a clear goal for not to be caught by all the stuff happening daily on a content creator life.What I kept from this book it's especially the idea that with focus and a structure, it's easier to accomplish the results that we want - and the book helps us, in a very practical way with digital materials also, to create this structure. The structure doesn't work alone, but it's a very important piece to reach our goals."

"This book is a quick and easy read but packs a powerful message. As a solopreneur of several small businesses, marketing overwhelms and doubt is a thing. It's shot me in the foot multiple times, definitely leaving money on the table and detracting from my true purpose of helping people. After reading, I feel like I have permission to get scrappy, shelf the trends, and blaze on without the 10% trudge. Here's to 10x!"

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Wisdom to Share

With its rising popularity, content marketing alone isn’t enough.

Content hackers doggedly pursue growing one, and only one, metric. It’s the gas pedal to slam on—the one metric that will accelerate your business more than any other.

Content hackers understand that failure is the nature of the beast. Every time you learn what doesn’t work, it allows you to kill it, and allows room for finding something that does work.

Competition-free content is content that adds tremendous value to your customers and audience that only you can produce. It’s content that stands out through topic, structure, or media type.

Coming up with competition-free content isn’t simply about creating content that’s different—it’s about creating content that is different and that you and your team can execute well.

Finding content your audience is interested in isn’t good enough to get results.

If you’re going to get really good at generating leads and converting traffic, you have to intimately understand the customers who are already paying you.

The thing is, if you teach people to be successful without you, they’ll be dying to be successful with you.

Your goal shouldn’t be flawless work, it should be effective work with huge results.

The fewer people weighing on every detail, the faster work ships.