Influencer Fast Track: From Zero to Influencer in the next 6 Months!

10X Your Marketing & Branding for Coaches, Consultants, Professionals & Entrepreneurs

by Gundi Gabrielle

Number of pages: 228

Publisher: Gundi Gabrielle

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 978-1982977115

About the Author

Gundi Gabrielle, aka SassyZenGirl, is a Top 100 Business Author and Founder/CEO of SassyZenGirl - #ClaimYourFREEDOM, a platform that helps newbie entrepreneurs turn their passion into a thriving business. Gundi loves to explain complex matters in an easy to understand, fun way. Her "The Sassy Way...when you have NO CLUE!!" series has helped thousands around the world conquer the jungles of internet marketing with humor, simplicity and some sass. A 10-time #1 Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and former Carnegie Hall conductor, Gundi employs marketing chops from all walks of life and loves to help her readers achieve their dreams in a practical, fun way. When she is not writing books or enjoying a cat on her lap (or both), she is passionate about exploring the world as a Digital Nomad, one awesome adventure at a time.


Editorial Review

Have a passion project you want to share with the world? Something amazing you always wanted to do, but don't know how to reach an audience? Then let this Gundi Gabrielle walk you through SassyZenGirl's proven 7-STEP FORMULA to go from ZERO (followers) to INFLUENCER STATUS in just a few months! Well, it isn't actually IF you know how to leverage the many (mostly free) resources available to anyone using the internet today! It's not about pumping thousands of dollars into ads or wearing yourself out on social media without getting much traction. There are a number of simple strategies that can have a tremendous effect on growing your online presence and visibility that make even a 6-month time frame perfectly doable.

Book Reviews

“Anyone can learn to become an influencer following her step by step methods.” –

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Wisdom to Share

Marketing and growing a brand can be learned.

Marketing is only scary if you don’t know what to do.

The most important skill of an entrepreneur is marketing.

When you sell a product or service through platforms like Amazon, eBay, Fiverr, Udemy, Etsy, iTunes, or Shopify, or share your free content on Medium, YouTube, or iTunes (podcasts), you are leveraging the huge, worldwide audiences these platforms have built over years—much vaster than you could ever reach with your own website.

Nothing matches the credibility and respect of “Bestselling Author” status. Add that to your signature and you are immediately perceived in a different league, a top expert, and, yes, an “influencer.”

A best-selling book can send you a continuous stream of new subscribers and social media followers completely on autopilot. People who love your book will naturally want to follow you elsewhere. You just have to tell them how and where.

Rather than seeing nothing but dollar signs in your clients and followers, focus on building relationships. Take an interest. Ask them what they need and what they are struggling with.

The word “free” is the most irresistible and the most powerful marketing trigger in any language.

Comments can give you a gold mine of information because they often share frustrations, things that readers wish was available, problems they face, and the specific language they use.

For your brand to become unique, it needs to be “YOU!” Your memorable story will draw people in, first get them interested and overcome their skepticism.