99% Inspiration

Tips, Tales & Techniques for Liberating Your Business...

by Bryan Mattimore

Number of pages: 180

Publisher: AMACOM

BBB Library: Creativity and Innovation, Business Classics

ISBN: 978-0814477885

About the Author

Bryan W. Mattimore is president of The Mattimore Group, an innovation consulting firm. He is a recognized authority on applied business creativity.


Editorial Review

Businesses thrive on creative ideas. But creativity can be terrifying. It’s not easy to open up and risk sharing your inner thoughts and ideas with others. In 99% Inspirations, Bryan W. Mattimore explores how a creative idea is made and shares with us many tools we can use to help ourselves (and our team) create new ideas for business. 

Book Reviews

"I'm a creative person by nature, but 99% Inspiration really helped me think more creatively. Especially if "inspiration" doesn't come easily to you, take a look at 99% Inspiration."

"Bryan Mattimore has an easy to read writing style and offer practical advice to those interested in applying creativity in both business and in personal affairs. This book will be a welcome addition to any thinking person's library."

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Wisdom to Share

Just as Edison relied on the workshop tools to help make, and even occasionally trigger, new ideas and inventions, creativity computer programs will also trigger new ideas. But they certainly won't do the thinking for you. You, like Edison, still have to add the genius.

If you study the lives of great inventors, two key personality traits stand out: fierce independence and persistence.

Challenging the status quo takes great courage and self-confidence. An extension of this courage is the inventor's willingness to entertain ideas that others consider radical or just plain crazy.

Great success, it seems, comes only to those willing to risk great failure and great embarrassment.

With the right mental disciplines and training, most of us can learn to do things we'd normally presume to be impossible.

The best inventors don't just stand by waiting patiently to receive a flash of inspiration. No, they actively seek out inspiration.

The key to a successful group process could be summarized in a single word: risk.

Do some experiences, memories, loves, or accomplishments from your childhood stand out as symbols or clues to your unique genius? If you get in touch with some of these childhood experiences, it might be a powerful, potentially life-changing creative experience.

Repressed feelings, and even very painful emotional wounds, from childhood sometimes made it difficult to "get at the genius."

It is important to be very gentle in helping people open themselves up to new and more creative ways of thinking and being.