Appreciative Inquiry

A Positive Revolution in Change

by David L. Cooperrider , Diana Whitney

Number of pages: 86

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

BBB Library: Operations Management

ISBN: 9781576753569

About the Authors

David L. Cooperrider : David is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Organizational Behavior


Diana Whitney : Dr. Diana is President of the Corporation for Positive Change. She


Editorial Review

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a new model of change management, uniquely suited to the values, beliefs, and business challenges facing managers and leaders today. It is a process for large-scale change management that can enable you to engage and inspire your highly diverse and dispersed workforce; to involve customers and other stakeholders in the future of your business; to discover and extend your business strengths and strategic advantages; and to balance outstanding financial returns with heightened societal contributions.

Book Reviews

"It’s a useful framework to explore how we engage others in change and motivate those who are less positive or disaffected." PSMW Ascend Learning Library

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Wisdom to Share

AI establishes an environment where people are free to choose to contribute.

AI offers people the chance to truly know one another, both as unique individuals and as a part of the web of relationships.

AI interrupts the cycle of depersonalization that masks people’s sense of being and belonging.

Being heard requires someone to listen with sincere curiosity, empathy & compassion. It requires an openness to know & understand another person's story.

When people choose to do a project and commit to others to do it, they get creative and determined.

Freedom of choice liberates power, but it also leads to commitment and a hunger for learning.

AI provides the context for people to be free to act with support which is the quintessential act of positive interdependence.

AI opens the way for people to be free to be positive.

AI creates a self-perpetuating momentum for positive change; i.e. a positive revolution.

The most important action construct a better future is to make the positive core the common and explicit property of all.

Human systems grow in the direction of what they persistently ask questions about.

AI assumes that organizations & communities have untapped & rich accounts of the positive aspects of the past, present & future capacities.

Through mass mobilized inquiry, hundreds and even thousands of people can be involved in co-creating their collective future.

In AI, intervention gives way to inquiry, imagination and innovation instead of negation, criticism and spiraling diagnosis.

Appreciative Inquiry is the cooperative, co-evolutionary search for the best in people, their organizations, and the world around them.

The principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry suggest the idea that collective strengths do more than perform, they transform.

AI offers a positive strength-based approach to organization development and change management.

Appreciative Inquiry is a new model of change management, uniquely suited to the values, beliefs, & business challenges facing leaders.