Banana Thinking

Creative & Innovative Concepts for Personal Effectiveness

by Mick Harrison

Number of pages: 256

Publisher: David C Cook

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1577570004

About the Author

He has a degree in engineering, but it's life experience that he values the most. He's the former president of the Hasty-Bake Barbecue Grill Company and has sold barbecue grills to Tom Brokaw, former President George Bush, Sr., and Whoopi Goldberg. He has bought and divested three companies, drilled over 50 oil wells, flown a sailplane hundreds of times, and stood at attention while he was awarded a 1st Degree Black Belt at age 45.


Editorial Review

A work associate came into my office the other day eating a banana peeled from the bottom instead of the stem end. I told him that I had never thought of peeling a banana in such a manner. He told me that he had recently seen a TV documentary on a family of gorillas surrounded a banana tree. The gorillas peeled bananas from the bottom as fast as they could so that each gorilla could eat as many as possible. Learning a new way to peel a banana should show that unlimited possibilities await discovery.

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Wisdom to Share

It isn’t that a problem can't be solved. It's that you haven’t yet come across the right approach.

You must be willing to open your mind to the unconventional.

You have to be open to think of what hasn’t been tried before, and therefore, what has never been done.

You have to proactively generate your own original solution to the problem.

Major gains in productivity don’t come from working hard, they come from working smarter.

Become too serious, and you lose the true meaning of life.

Play too little, and you become a person only concerned with the means to an end, and all the while you will be enjoying life less than those who play more.

Intuitive risks are taken every day by highly successful banana thinkers.

Most of us discovered that if we consistently play it safe, we end up in a mediocre soup.

Playing it safe protects what we have today, but it erodes creativity that makes it impossible to be the best of the best tomorrow.