Beyond Happy

Women, Work, and Well-Being

by Beth Cabrera

Number of pages: 192

Publisher: ATD Press (Association for Talent Development)

BBB Library: Psychology and Strengths, Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1562869793

About the Author

She is passionate about helping organizations and individuals apply knowledge from the field of positive psychology to achieve greater success and well-being. She works with companies to help them create and maintain positive work environments where people thrive. She also teaches individuals strategies for living happier, more meaningful lives. Her approach is extremely effective in developing leaders, building teams, and advancing careers.


Editorial Review

Over the course of a decade, positive psychology authority Dr. Beth Cabrera has surveyed and interviewed more than a thousand women to gather insight into how to effectively balance career and family responsibilities. Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being gathers essential findings and offers women proven strategies for living more authentic, meaningful lives.

Book Reviews

“Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being presents cutting edge research combined with personal stories to illustrate how women can thrive despite the challenges they face. After surveying and interviewing hundreds of women, Beth Cabrera has identified a simple, yet powerful model for enhancing well-being.” — Cabrera Insights

“Being happy is a fundamental life goal for most people. But is it possible that by setting the bar at “being happy,” that we’re aiming too low? In her new book, Beyond Happy: Women, Work, and Well-Being, Beth Cabrera makes a compelling case for striving for more. Better yet, she offers practical and actionable steps on how to do it.” — Eblin Group

“’As long as women try to find balance, they're going to fail,’ said Beth Cabrera, a senior scholar at the George Mason Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. Cabrera's book, ‘Beyond Happy: Women, Work and Well-Being,’ released this week, joins the growing discussion on family and workplace issues.” — Washington Business Journal

“In her engaging book Beyond Happy, Beth Cabrera tells a compelling story of professional women that are rejecting American corporate structures and forging a better life for themselves.” — Dialogue

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Wisdom to Share

Women want meaningful careers that offer them the flexibility to be mothers at the same time. Those who aren’t mothers also need more freedom to choose when, where, and how to work.

As long as we equate the ideal worker and the ideal mother with 24/7 availability, women will have to make choices and making choices requires trade-offs.

Until significant advances occur in the workplace, in government policies, and in society, women need knowledge and practices that will empower them to reduce their stress, increase their resilience, experience more joy, and find more meaning in their lives.

You can thrive at work and in life by focusing on having what matters most for your well-being.

Positive emotions can lead to greater creativity and better decision making because our emotions affect the way our minds work. The range of ideas and behaviors that come to mind when we are in a positive mood are much broader.

Positive people are more mindful of what is going on around them; they take in more information. This leads them to make better decisions because they are more open and see more solutions to problems.

Positive people are also physically healthier. They have lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower levels of stress-related hormones, and stronger immune systems.

The amount of positivity we experience is due in large part to our thoughts and actions. This means that we can intentionally choose to think and act in ways that will increase the amount of positive emotions we experience.

Research in neuroscience has found that our brains are rewired in response to our thoughts and emotions. What we pay attention to changes the structure and function of our brains.

Goals are personally or intrinsically satisfying when they let us be authentic by expressing our true self.