Bleeding out

The Devastating Consequences of Urban Violence

by Thomas Abt

Number of pages: 304

Publisher: Basic Books

BBB Library: Booklets

ISBN: 978-1541645721

About the Author

Thomas Abt is an American author, crime researcher, and former government official who specializes in evidence-informed approaches to reducing crime in urban areas. Abt received his bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Michigan and a J.D. degree with honors from Georgetown University Law Center.


Editorial Review

Urban violence is one of the most divisive and allegedly intractable issues of our time. But as Harvard scholar Thomas Abt shows in Bleeding Out, we actually possess all the tools necessary to stem violence in our cities.Coupling the latest social science with firsthand experience as a crime fighter, Abt proposes a relentless focus on violence itself -- not drugs, gangs, or guns. Because violence is sticky, clustering among small groups of people and places, it can be predicted and prevented using a series of smart-on-crime strategies that do not require new laws or big budgets. Bringing these strategies together, Abt offers a concrete, cost-effective plan to reduce homicides by over 50 percent in eight years, saving more than 12,000 lives nationally. Violence acts as a linchpin for urban poverty, so curbing such crime can unlock the untapped potential of our cities' most disadvantaged communities and help us bridge the nation's larger economic and social divides.

Book Reviews

"Thomas Abt, the author of “Bleeding Out,” a new book on reducing gun violence, points to three reasons that solving murder might be connected to reducing murder:“First, incapacitation. Second, deterrence Third, retribution."

"The greatest strength of the book is its multidisciplinary approach to explaining what urban violence is and who is committing the crimes he describes. It is too easy to treat urban violence as simply bad guys doing bad things, or worse, the racial/​cultural scapegoating that dominates alot of the anti-crime rhetoric on the political right"

"Now a new book makes the provocative claim that the number of people killed by such violence can be drastically reduced without sacrificing fundamental liberties. The book is called "Bleeding Out: The Devastating Consequences Of Urban Violence -- And A Bold New Plan For Peace In The Streets."

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Wisdom to Share

When a patient is brought into an emergency room, their vital signs are appraised in order to see how at risk they are.

Urban poverty is a blight that passes from generation to generation.

Urban violence is a vicious, self-escalating cycle, where violence begets violence– an insult leads to a fistfight that leads to a shooting.

Now, since high rates of violence are caused by concentrated poverty, it’s understandable to think that the best way to curb it is to address the “root causes”.

In order to understand the events of Ferguson and others, we must examine the relationship between the government and the governed, between institutions of criminal justice and the communities they serve.

Social control is a term used to describe the customs, values, and laws that maintain social order.

In Oakland, a partnership is formed between police prosecutors, key members of the community, and social service providers.

Street outreach organizations directly interact with would-be shooters who traditional law enforcement or social services cannot reach.

When it comes to violent crime, the reality stands that most people are woefully unaware of what actually keeps the peace.

The good news is that we have a large body of scientific research on urban violence.