Challenging Behavior In Young Children

Understanding, Preventing and responding effectively

by Barbara Kaiser , Judy Sklar Rasminsky

Number of pages: 368

Publisher: Pearson

BBB Library: Parenting

ISBN: 9780132159128

About the Authors

Barbara Kaiser : In addition to presenting workshops and keynote speeches on challenging behavior


Judy Sklar Rasminsky : She is a freelance writer specializing in education and health. Her


Editorial Review

The Text brings together knowledge from neuroscience psychology, psychiatry, child development, special education, early Care and education, cross culture research, and proactive social skills programs and organizes it into a single comprehensive (and comprehensible) whole. The research–based strategies can be used separately or together, providing you with the collection of tools appropriate for many different children and situations , whether you’re a student or an experienced teacher.

Book Reviews

"Highlighting the importance of relationships, the revised book provides new background information and additional research-based strategies to enable pre-service and in-service teachers to understand, prevent, and respond effectively to challenging behavior. The authors have widened the book’s scope to make this edition as useful to primary school teachers as it is to preschool and child care educators, furnishing numerous practical, indispensable tips for responding to children’s needs and helping them know what’s expected. The text stresses that every child has some kind of special need, especially children with challenging behavior, and prevention is the best "intervention." Pearson Highered

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Wisdom to Share

A child who is behaving aggressively is out of control and does not hear anything you say .

All children need personal space so they move a around the room and interact with their peers.

When it comes to establishing a social context, teachers set the stage and play the lead .

Prevention is the best way of intervention.

The more frequently that teachers help children refrain from challenging behavior, the less they are learning to use it.

The Longer a child uses inappropriate behavior; the harder it is to change.

Aggressive behavior aims to harm or injure others.