The Power of Winning Relationships

by Morag Barrett

Number of pages: 208

Publisher: Franklin Green Publishing

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-1936487295

About the Author

Her experience ranges from coaching, to developing high impact teams, to leadership development programs. She understands the challenges of running a business and managing people.


Editorial Review

We all face bosses who micromanage or take credit for our work, along with peers who become resentful of our promotion. Such work environment would make us feel unfulfilled and disengaged. Others, however, know that relationships at work are the key to success and well-being, and are ultimately critical to the amount of enjoyment and productivity they get from work. In this book, Morag Barrett shares  knowledge on why good relationships at work are essential.

Book Reviews

“With pragmatic models and examples, Barrett shows us the four relationship behaviors and their dynamics that are at work in companies—and in life. High-level, smart information abounds in Cultivate, but so, too, does Barrett’s generous outlook and philosophy. You will learn to identify Allies, Supporters, Rivals, and Adversaries, and how to turn Adversaries into " – Barnes and Noble

“Morag bring years of global experience, success, and practical insight gained from working with hundreds of clients and tells you how to transform your working environment. Cultivate is a practical framework to help you achieve business results." – Skye Team

"Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships (Franklin Green, March 2014) is full of practical insights from 20 years of global experience. Morag helps every reader grow with real-world case studies, illuminating diagrams, a practical plans of action to improve both workplace and personal relationships." – Fresh Impact

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Wisdom to Share

Emotions are infectious. Relationships are emotional.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity for effectively recognizing and managing our own emotions and those of others.

We can either leverage emotions to make the most of our important business and personal relationships, or ignore them with potentially damaging results.

Cultivating winning relationships isn’t just about getting business results today; it’s also about the quality of your working relationships and your network as a whole.

An Ally will have your back at all times and is invested in your success. This is an unconditional relationship.

In any interaction, we are sizing each other up and asking ourselves four questions. The answers determine whether you, or the request you are making of me, is worth my time, interest, trust, and effort.

Fixing a damaged relationship starts with you. When you make a mistake, say you are sorry.

Forgiveness is twofold. You may need to forgive others and forgive yourself. If an apology isn’t warranted, forgive yourself and let it go. If you feel the other person has done something to cause the breakdown, you must either forgive them or let it go.

When we allow our negative thoughts to influence our decisions rather than explore alternative points of view, we will take action that limits our potential.

You have a choice: take on new challenges wholeheartedly, embracing the Ally voice, or instead, cringe from the doubt that comes from Rival and Adversary voices.