Exactly What to Say

The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

by Phil M Jones

Number of pages: 148

Publisher: Box of Tricks Publishing

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-1989025000

About the Author

Best-selling author and multiple award-winner Phil M. Jones is highly regarded as one of the world's leading sales trainers. He has trained more than two million people across five continents and fifty-six countries and coached some of the biggest global brands in the lost art of spoken communication. In 2013 he won the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Award for Sales Trainer of the Year, the youngest-ever recipient of that honor. He has also written a series of best-selling books and developed a number of online training courses that have enrolled tens of thousands of members around the world. Phil divides his time between London and New York.


Editorial Review

Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Phil M. Jones has trained more than two million people across five continents and over fifty countries in the lost art of spoken communication. In Exactly What to Say, he delivers the tactics you need to get more of what you want.

Book Reviews

"This book is packed with ideas and easy-to-implement suggestions that will assist any individual in obtaining the outcomes they require from the conversations they have."

"Exactly What to Sayis packed full of real-world solutions that will lead you to achieving the outcomes you desire in life and business."

"Phil Jones helps uncover the truth in complex selling situations. These powerful phrases demonstrate how to influence others with integrity while never seeming pushy. You'll use these gems each and every day."

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Wisdom to Share

In business in which people have identical products and resources, some people struggle to find customers, and yet others can’t stop finding more success.

One of the most common reasons I hear from people as to why they fail to introduce their idea, product or service to others is the fact that they are fearful of the rejection they might receive.

Opening a statement with the words, “I’m not sure of it’s for you,” causes the listener’s subconscious brain to hear, “there’s no pressure here.”

If you were to ask a room of a thousand people whether they considered themselves open-minded, I am sure over nine hundred of them would raise their hands.

Knowing that people like to see themselves as open-minded, you can easily give yourself a fair advantage within your conversations.

The best way to overcome the “I know best” mentality of many people is to question the knowledge on which the other person’s opinion was found.

People are motivated by one of two things: either avoiding a loss or acquiring potential gain.

Choosing moments that triggers both positive and negative emotions will allow you to create a truth worth changing for.

Did you know that every decision any human makes is made at least twice? The decision is first made in your mind hypothetically before it is ever made in reality.

If you cannot see yourself doing something, the chance of you doing it are slim to none.