A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers

by Sunni Brown , James Macanufo , Dave Gray

Number of pages: 290

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

BBB Library: Creativity and Innovation

ISBN: 978-0596804176

About the Authors

Sunni Brown : Sunni Brown is an American author in Austin, Texas known for


James Macanufo : As a consultant at XPLANE, James helps large technology and government


Dave Gray : Dave Gray is the founder of XPLANE, the visual thinking company,


Editorial Review

The purpose of this book is to encourage a shift in how work is done; from a process-centric model that’s about predictability and consistency to a game-centric model that recognizes the complexity and the unpredictability of a digital world.

Book Reviews

"Enter Gamestorming. Authors Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo believe we need to use more play in these difficult to define situations. Games as activities can make apparent a variety of possible paths towards the fuzzy goal. The defined space, simple rules, and unpredictable outcomes of games make them ideal for this sort of work. Stringing together a series of different games moves us closer a solution." - Todd Sattersten

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Wisdom to Share

Gamestorming is about creating game worlds specifically to explore and examine the business challenges, to improve collaboration, and to generate novel insights about the way the world works and what possibilities we might find there.

By imagining, creating, and exploring possible worlds, you will open the door to breakthrough thinking and real innovation.

Goals are a way to move from A to B. In between A and B is something we can call the challenge space.

In industrial work, we want to manage work for consistent, repeatable, predictable results.

If you want to really master gamestorming, you will need to learn how to design your own games, based on your goals.

While a business process creates a solid, secure chain of cause and effect, gamestorming creates not a chain, but a framework for exploration, experimentation, and trial and error.

Opening questions generate ideas and options to provoke thought and reveal possibilities.

The stakeholder is anyone who can impact a decision, or who may be impacted by it.

Stakeholder analysis is a basic framing tool for any project.

When play commences, the two teams work together to tell a collaborative story.