How Any Kid Can Start a Business

by Mark Cuban , Shaan Patel , Ian McCue

Number of pages: 53

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

BBB Library: Entrepreneurship

ISBN: 978-1544041193

About the Authors

Mark Cuban : Mark Cuban is owner of the NBA Mavericks, founder of


Shaan Patel : An entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada, has never quite followed the


Ian McCue : He is the founder of Spark Skill, a premium technology


Editorial Review

Every day, parents and their kids ask us for ideas on what kinds of businesses kids can start and run. Believe it or not, there are plenty of businesses that kids as young as 8 or 9 years old can start and make money at! Running a lemonade stand for a few hours is a great experience. However, there are so many more ways for a kid not only to gain valuable exposure to the business world but to earn some extra money as well.

Book Reviews

"The book has a really conversational tone, so kids can actually get through it without dozing off, but the lessons they convey are pretty prophetic for all of us. Here are some examples:1. Hustle. Stop expecting handouts. Do the work.2. Just start. Stop with the 200-page business plans. Get your hands dirty and dive in.3. Be obsessed with your goals. Casually wanting something isn't enough.Honestly, a lot of adults I know need to be slapped over the head with this book. Our kids loved it too and have plans to launch their next business."

"This book is a sure way to fire up your entrepreneurial spirit. From cover to cover, this book offers great advice from real-life businessmen on how to begin planning your business. They show that it is never too early to begin developing skills in business."

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Wisdom to Share

While most kids think that business is about making money, money is only one side of it. The end goal of any business is to help people.

The goal of business should be to help other people by making their lives just a little bit better.

Business is about building something great that you love.

Not all ideas will make a good business. Some can become million-dollar companies, and others can't.

You may be surprised that you should not pick the idea that could make you the most money, or the idea that would cost you the least. Instead, you should pick the idea that you will be best at

In the beginning, you may have little to no emotional support, and through that process, you may be discouraged from continuing. It is commonly known that around 9 out of 10 startups fail

Starting your own business is the best decision you can make as a kid or teen.

If you find what you're passionate about and put your mind to it, you will go so far in life.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed that lives on different terms, and when we want something, we stop at nothing to get it.

I can't think of anything more empowering than starting your own business and sticking with it.