If You Don’t Make Waves, You’ll Drown

10 Hard Charging Strategies for Leading in Politically Correct Times

by Dave Anderson

Number of pages: 256

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, INC.

BBB Library: Leadership

ISBN: 9780471725039

About the Author

Dave Anderson is the president of Dave Anderson's LearnToLead, an international sales and management training organization. He has run some of the most successful automotive retail dealerships in America. He is a business columnist and speaker, presenting at 150 engagements annually.


Editorial Review

We are living in a world where society trends influence business trends. This has led to offices being ruled by politically correct leaders who tip-toe around inexpert, incompetent employees; refusing or ignoring to correct their employees’ behaviors, favoring office harmony over productivity. The core of the following is to learn the traits of incorrect political leaders and implementing on your company a base of meritocracy in where everyone gets what they deserve according to their achievements through sets of hard-charging strategies to create change where needed. Eventually, the changes can transform a good company into an elite group.

Book Reviews

"As a business consultant, I’d like to put this book into the hands of every one of our clients. It’s filled with simple, to-the-point wisdom that only sounds clichéd because it works. This is the perfect book for aligning your company and your employees to grow your organization and exceed customer expectations. Anyone using this book as a template for a bold new business model will clearly reach levels only dreamed of in the past!" AchieveMax®, Inc.

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Wisdom to Share

Your job is to either get your people better or get better people.

Treat people according to what they deserve and what they have earned based on their past performance. Not all individuals deserve the same discretion, opportunities, resources or compensations.

Playing it too safe doesn’t allow room for innovation and without that innovation and thinking out of the box, gaining an edge over the competitor is unlikely, if not impossible.

Make your feedback quickly after a performance. Behavioral science teaches us that behaviors that get rewarded and reinforced get repeated, so let those under you know when they are doing well.

Make your feedback specific. Pinpoint precise areas that were executed well or vice versa.

Great organizations are not built around marginal people. Find your elite group that has the right stuff to soar your business up and forget about the rest because they will drain you.

Unfortunately, many business leaders weaken the strong in order to strengthen the weak.

Keep employees out of the gray area. If they are great, tell them and if they are failing, also tell them.

Who do you spend most of your time and energy with? Many leaders choose to spend it with the weak because they are easier; they don’t talk back and will listen to what you say.

The top people aren’t so impressed with you or your title and may even know more than you. If you are shunning them for these reasons then your leadership is of a cowardly nature.

The truth often hurts but in business there is no place for sugar coated words. You have to tell it like it is through consistent feedback.