New Kinds of Smart

How the Science of Learnable Intelligence is Changing Education

by Bill Lucas

Number of pages: 232

Publisher: Open University Press

BBB Library: Education, Psychology and Strengths

ISBN: 9780335236190

About the Author

Lucas is co-director of the "Centre for Real-World Learning" and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. He is the author of "The Creative Thinking Plan" Book.


Editorial Review

For the first time ever, New Kinds of Smart brings together all the main strands of research about intelligence in one book and explains these new ideas to practising teachers and educators. Each chapter presents practical examples, tools and templates so that each new strand of thinking can be woven into their work as teachers and into their lives as learners.

Book Reviews

"New Kinds of Smart is an intelligent book about intelligence, the many things that go into it, and how educators can help students to get more of the cornucopia" Water Stones

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Wisdom to Share

To live intelligently and effectively, we need to become non-consciously adept at a large number of complex activities rather than having constantly to stop and expend the kind of mental energies that require ‘fresh horses’ and lots of extra effort.

When it comes to being intelligent it is clear that there is much more than simply what we can do as an individual; how we interact with others is a crucial element of how smart we are in the real world.

Practical learning is not just for those who are not ‘bright enough’ to take the academic route. It should be part of every student’s learning diet.

Good news. You can become more intelligent by believing that you can become more intelligent!

Education is preparation for life and the nature of that preparation depends on a number of assumptions and perceptions.