The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life

by Adam Markel

Number of pages: 288

Publisher: Atria Books

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1476779478

About the Author

He is a transformational teacher who inspires, empowers and guides people to live authentically, purposefully and powerfully from their hearts. He’s trained thousands of people from Singapore, Europe, Canada, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and all across the United States. Adam uniquely bridges the worlds of business, psychology and spirituality, to facilitate massive and lasting personal and professional transformation.


Editorial Review

Whether you are transitioning your career, or have been downsized, or believe that your true potential has yet to be fully tapped, Pivot is a guide to reinvention for anyone, at any age. With clear-eyed compassion and frank assessments, Adam shares the secrets that will guide you away from fear and toward a powerful new vision for your life. The uplifting stories, introspective prompts, clear step-by-step exercises, and energizing calls to action throughout this remarkable book will guide you through the process of personal and career transformation, from creating a vision and clearing space for change to building a supportive environment and establishing daily rituals that will regenerate your soul.

Book Reviews

“With some books you read and then you contemplate what you have read. This one is different. You need to read it and then take action. As always, with self-help tomes there are no short cuts. Still, the way it is laid out does make that process a little more doable.” — Forbes

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Wisdom to Share

The first and most important challenge of your pivot is to clear your vision and rediscover clarity.

Those who pivot aren’t extraordinary. They become extraordinary when they decide they will not tolerate the circumstances of their lives for one moment longer.

You don’t have to be special to pivot. You become special when you decide to.

The real risk of change isn’t that you might try and fail. It’s that you might not try and you’ll regret it.

Pivoting is not an extreme sport. It’s a step-by-step, realistic way to change your life.

It’s not wanting change that is unreasonable. It’s tolerating unnecessary misery.

The past is never wasted. Pivoting is about making sure you don’t waste your future.

Waiting to change is the same as not changing at all.

That is the pivot way: To let go of the past, detach from the plan, and simply allow ourselves to move into the current of change and possibility.

When you identify and address your fear, you will find clarity. With clarity, you can pivot.