Power Cues

The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact

by Nick Morgan

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-1422193501

About the Author

Morgan is a top communication theorist and speech coach. He is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with confidence.


Editorial Review

Most of our communication is unconscious. Our conscious brains can handle something like forty bits of information a second. That sounds like a lot until you know that our unconscious minds can handle 11 million bits of information per second. Within those constraints, by far the biggest activity the brain undertakes is handling visual input. Visual data can be as much as 10 million bits of information per second out of that 11 million. Yet, despite all that computing power and effort, we don’t see reality.

Book Reviews

"You'll learn crucial skills, from measuring nonverbal signs of confidence, to the art and practice of gestures and vocal tones, to figuring out what your gut is really telling you. This concise and engaging guide will help leaders and aspiring leaders of all stripes to connect powerfully, communicate more effectively, and command influence." — Harvard Business Review

"Morgan rounds out his book with tips on improving public speaking, finding an authoritative voice, and using body language for success.” — Publishers Weekly

"I wish I had this book ten years ago! A very helpful, informative, and engaging read — wow! Perfect for teachers, students, business people, and beyond.” — Garr Reynolds, author, Presentation Zen and The Naked Presenter

"Finally, a body of work that defines the importance of how the human form communicates. Morgan has researched how humans interact and summarizes it into tips from how to use your gesture and voice to command a room. Bravo on a defining piece of work around how to communicate confidently with influence.” — Nancy Duarte, CEO, Duarte, Inc.; author, HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations

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Wisdom to Share

Your unconscious mind rules you, not the other way around.

Every communication is two conversations. The first is the one you’re aware of–the spoken content. The second is the one that we’re all unconscious experts on–the nonverbal one.

In order to master your communications, you need to take inventory of how you inhabit space, how you stand, how you sit, how you move, and how you interact with others.

We need to listen to each other because lives need to be shared, we’re a communal species, and isolation kills.

We’re hardwired to know the answer to the question, friend or foe?

Let’s start listening better to one another and maybe we can save this magical planet and the precious, irreplaceable people on it.

The human mind isn’t constructed to remember lists very well. But we do remember stories.

Stories are why we feel that it’s safer to drive than fly, even though the statistics prove the opposite.

If you’ve ever had the experience of déjà vu or a sudden, strong intuition about a person or something that was going to happen, then you’ve heard your unconscious mind trying hard to get in touch with you.