How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

by Sydney Finkelstein

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: Portfolio

BBB Library: Leadership, Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1591847830

About the Author

is the Steven Roth Professor of Management and faculty director of the Tuck Executive Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He is also the faculty director of the Center for Leadership at Tuck.


Editorial Review

Why do perfectly good companies have to die? They don’t. Companies can avoid or overcome almost any business challenge with the right talent. It’s when organizations don’t regenerate their talent—and with it their supply of new ideas, approaches, and solutions—that they flounder. The wisdom of talent spawner—whom we call superbosses—isn’t merely useful for the rest of us in business—it’s life or death. The primary path to winning is via great talent fully immersed in creating value.

Book Reviews

"Even if you don’t want to become a superboss, this book will stimulate your thinking and give you some good ideas. I promise."— The Booth Company

"The book is full of ideas on how the Superbosses nurture talent the way a master craftsman develops a newbie."— The Times of India

"This book is the first to offer a systematic, empirically based study of what really motivates, inspires, and enables others to achieve their full, potential. It teaches professionals how to be better bosses so that they can unleash unprecedented creativity, engagement, and accomplishment in their teams, generating and regenerating the world’s best talent."— Bob Morris

"The book comes to our aid by distilling the habits of superbosses."— Tech in Asia

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Wisdom to Share

The primary path to winning is via great talent fully immersed in creating value.

If you’ve been paying attention to the movers and shakers in your industry, you may have noticed that a surprising number of them, at some point, have all worked for the same person.

Remain far away, and you will forever be at a disadvantage, compared with those who were close.

By contrast, superbosses fuel the talent pool for an entire industry.

In effect, superbosses have mastered something most bosses miss—a path to extraordinary success founded on making other people successful.

Superbosses all possess extreme confidence, even fearlessness, when it comes to furthering their agendas and ideas.

All superbosses enjoy an imaginative nature. Superbosses are visionaries. They think intensely about what could be and are fired up to turn their dreams into reality.

In any industry, superbosses seek out unusual qualities most bosses don’t even think about.

That special something they seek is ultimately quite hard to capture in words.

One thing that virtually all superbosses look for is unusual intelligence.

Superbosses are not looking for employees who think the same way they do. They are looking for employees who, like them, can tackle problems originally and differently.

Superbosses are self-confident enough to feel completely unthreatened by extreme intelligence, mind-bending creativity, and forceful personalities.