The Greatest Salesman in the World

by Og Mandino

Number of pages: 128

Publisher: Bantam

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing, Business Classics

ISBN: 978-0553277579

About the Author

Og Mandino was one of the greatest inspirational writers of his generation. His books sold multi million copies since his retirement from SUCCESS UNLIMITED magazine in 1976, to pursue a career in writing. He was sought after by people from different nations, coming from almost all corners of the world.


Editorial Review

The Greatest Salesman in the World is one of the bestsellers from Og Mandino. The book, just like many other inspirational works that he has done, is an outstanding story that leads a person through an interesting story that has great lessons. In this inspirational book, he combines great skills of storytelling with his inspirational messages. In the book, he blended real life experiences that he learned from W. Clement Stone who he regarded as a great salesman who blended love, compassion and outstanding salesman skills. 

Book Reviews

“While his inspirational message is banal, the author communicates so lucidly and persuasively that those who enjoyed his first book will undoubtedly find this one equally appealing.” – Publisher Weekly

“The Greatest Salesman in the World is more about how to empower yourself to be successful. It teaches you to be an entrepreneur, a boot-strapper, and how to motivate yourself to be successful.” – Zen habits

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Wisdom to Share

one needs to learn the important lessons and forego those that have no use in life.

Principles can be applied in different situations, unlike experiences which would be more particular in application.

The key to success is simply the formation of good habits

Waking up every day with love brings happiness and with the positivity in the joy, there comes great success.

Love helps one keep away from evil and despair.

The level of persistence that a person has determines the success that they will have.

No one was born in defeat. The journey to success is filled with many failures.

every day’s effort is like a single strike to the oak.

when emotions are well mastered, it gives one the right mood to work which in turn helps a business succeed.

Mastered emotions also help one to live happily as they seek to settle their troubles amicably every time so that the joy in them is not depleted.