The Practice of Management

by Peter Drucker

Number of pages: 416

Publisher: Harper Business

BBB Library: Business Classics, Operations Management

ISBN: 978-0060878979

About the Author

Peter Ferdinand Drucker was a management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation.


Editorial Review

Since the first edition of this book in 1954, it was considered as the first book to give a big picture of management and a typical road map to view the modern business. It created the main principles, concepts, and facts about modern management practices.  Although this book was written more than 60 years ago, one feels that almost all of Peter Drucker's thoughts are still relevant to this day. Along the five parts of the book, Peter Drucker is giving us a lot of significant and practical tools and techniques which are very essential for students of business schools and very inspiring for managers and professionals.  

Book Reviews

“In conclusion, this is an excellent book which would unquestionably have been an outstanding book in 1955 when it was first published. Reading it today is fascinating in demonstrating the quality if Drucker’s thinking and vision and revealing in highlighting the small number of areas in which organisation life has changed, and the larger number of areas where it has not.” – Extensor

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Wisdom to Share

The manager is the soul of every business, because he or she is the vivid element of any organization.

As the world lives in an era of competitiveness, the quality and performance of managers is the core competitive edge of any organization.

Management is one of the cornerstones of modern civilization and globalization.

Management is a reflection of economy

Marketing and innovation are the main and only two basic pillars of business.

Marketing is the unique function of any business; as it is the only function that can distinguish business through creating a value from any product or service.

Innovation is the guarantee for any business not to just grow, but to grow continuously and at the right direction.

Job speed depends on the performance of the human resources performing it.

A predictable income and employment plan may also be the key to overcoming the deep-rooted resistance to profit.

There is no greater danger to a free economy than the hostility of employees toward profit.

The more successfully tomorrow's manager does his work, the greater the integrity required of him will be.