Winning from Within

A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change

by Erica Ariel Fox

Number of pages: 384

Publisher: Harper Business

BBB Library: Leadership, Personal Success

ISBN: 9780062213020

About the Author

Fox teaches negotiation at Harvard Law School. She also provides leadership training and supports businesses seeking transformational change.


Editorial Review

Winning from Within combines insights from Western psychology and Eastern philosophy with practical applications from real business situations and everyday life. Fox shows that the ability to achieve mastery over how we interact with each other comes from within, from the center where desires, thoughts, feelings, and impulses to take action live side-by-side. Winning from Within offers a profound and highly practical seven-step method for making changes that last, at work and at home. As Erica Ariel Fox demonstrates, we can actually get what we want-and feel good about the result. always

Book Reviews

"It’s all good shorthand for practical introspection and guidance toward making lasting improvements, not by focusing on behavior or personality type, but by integrating all the parts that make us who we are." Publishers Weekly

"With advice relevant to every conversation that matters, personally and professionally, Winning from Within shares anecdotes, business examples and public exemplars that help readers to better understand where they get stuck and how to close their performance gap for greater results in business and in life."Mobius Executive Leadership

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Wisdom to Share

Life is a series of attempts to get things right. You work to achieve your goals. You hope to fulfill your potential and you want to be a good person. You aim to live well, love and be loved, and if all goes well, make a contribution.

The idea of winning from within is about reconnecting all the parts of yourself and engaging them skillfully as you navigate your interactions with the world around you.

Close the Performance Gap by negotiating with yourself: can you talk to yourself without being crazy? Can you disagree with yourself?

Mastering a thousand faces might sound a bit daunting. If you have all of these different sides of you, how can you even begin to get a hold on them?

To help people develop as leaders and close their Performance Gap, one could focus on a small set of those hundreds of faces which is called “The Big Four”: The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Lover and The Warrior.

Like any group, members of the Big Four are susceptible to conflicts of interest. Your inner Board acts independently, without allegiance to any one of the Big Four over another.

Your inner Captain coordinates your Dreamer, Thinker, Lover, and Warrior. Most important, your Captain appreciates that each of the Big Four has its own interests and priorities.

The Warrior looks after your need for protection and achievement. Each inner negotiator falls prey to something that Anaïs Nin observed: “We see the world not as it is, we see the world as we are.”

Human beings have an incredible ability to create. When we’re young, we call it playing. In adolescence, we call it daydreaming. As grown-up professionals, we call it innovating.

We need to find paths to integration, to wholeness, to leave legacies of making a difference.