Teach Like a Champion

49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College (K-12)

by Doug Lemov

Number of pages: 332

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

BBB Library: Education

ISBN: 9780470550472

About the Author

Lemov is a managing director of Uncommon Schools. He also trains school leaders and teachers. He holds a B.A. from Hamilton College, an M.A. from Indiana University, and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.


Editorial Review

In this book, author Doug Lemov offers the essential tools of the teaching craft so that you can unlock the talent and skill waiting in your students, no matter how many previous classrooms, schools, or teachers have been unsuccessful.

Book Reviews

"Teach Like a Championis another quality resource for educators." - New York Journal of Books

"The bookTeach Like A Championis one that many educatorshave read, or, at the very least, heard of. This especially rings true for our classroom leaderswho teach in urban schools." -The Educators Room.

"Teach Like a Championis a major contribution to the field, and a window into the central motivations of today’s younger education “reformers”" - The Huffington Post

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Wisdom to Share

Great teachers plan objectives, then assessments, then activities.

When answers are almost correct, it’s important to tell the students that they’re almost there, that you like what they’ve done so far, that they’re closing in on the right answer, that they’ve done some good work or made a great start.

Students sometimes want to show you how smart they are by getting ahead of your questions, but it’s risky to accept answers out of sequence.

There is no such thing as boring content.

Sometimes the way we talk about expectations inadvertently lowers them.

Given the importance of objectives in bringing focus, discipline, and measurability to a lesson, it’s important to think about what makes an objective useful and effective.

Good drivers check their mirrors every five seconds

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in every classroom.

We’re socialized to believe that warmth and strictness are opposites

Champion teachers give students plenty to say yes to, plenty to get involved in, plenty to lose themselves in.