5 Steps to Expert

How to Go From Business Novice to Elite Performer

by Paul G. Schempp

Number of pages: 145

Publisher: Davies-Black Publishing

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9780891061144

About the Author

Paul G. Schempp, PhD, is the president of Performance Matters, Inc., a professional speaker, consultant, author and scholar.


Editorial Review

Bringing to life seminal research that identifies the characteristics that define expert or elite performers, 5 Steps to Expert  is the first to provide a sequential set of deliberate practice steps for all those who aspire to advance from their current competency to the next stage of mastery--and for those who coach and train for higher performance. Noted authority Paul Schempp explores the key traits shared by those at each of the five levels of expertise--beginner, capable, competent, proficient, expert--and lays out a progressive plan for cultivating the skill, knowledge, and experience needed to reach and remain at the top of our game. Dozens of stories of top-of-the-field performers, questionnaires, and assessment tools apply this fresh research and insight into human performance to the everyday workplace. Plus, each chapter offers developmental exercises, key learning preferences, and a practical set of strategies and techniques to help anyone elevate their level of performance toward becoming expert.

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Wisdom to Share

Beginners usually develop a repertoire of professional skills by combining observations of experienced colleagues, personal trial and error experiences.

Experts possess a great deal of knowledge pertaining to a single subject, field or domain.

The principal challenge to attaining expert level performance is to induce stable specific changes that allow the performance to be incrementally improved.

An expert is someone who consistently outperforms his or her peers.

Personal development is an individual endeavor and none of us develops in the same way.

Most people have an opportunity to gain a higher level of expertise in their chosen profession or business level of expertise.

While experts represent only a small percentage of the top performers in every field, everyone can become more expert in what they do.

If you are willing to learn what it takes to become an expert, you will elevate your level of expertise and success.

“Success is a peace of mind, which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

No matter how great people in their fields, they all and always start as beginners.