Everybody, Always

Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

by Bob Goff

Number of pages: 240

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-0718078133

About the Author

The U.S. Department of State recognizes Goff as a diplomat and he is known as an Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda due to his work with Love Does, formerly known as Restore International, a non-profit organization he founded.


Editorial Review

In this Summary of Bob Goff's new book Everybody, Always, he explains that we loved people before and we are going to love more people as the days go by. We also have been loved and cherished by those surrounding us and we tend to try as hard as we can to reciprocate to this love. The act of falling in love with people who are kind and who love us back comes easily to us. It happens naturally without us having to think about what we are doing or why.  We just have this feeling and we act upon it. But that is not what love truly is about. True love happens when you open up to the person in front of you without caring about their personality or mishaps. It is what Bob Goff calls the act of becoming one with love. You become love when you stop judging others for what you see by your eyes and start seeing them with your heart instead. This summary of the book explains the manual on how we can achieve that. It is not going to be easy, but it is going to be fulfilling in the long run.  

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Wisdom to Share

People who are becoming love see the beauty in others even when their off-putting behavior makes for a pretty weird mask.

We have to love everybody, always—and start with the people who creep us out.

Loving each other is what we were meant to do and how we were made to roll.

Extravagant love often means coloring outside the lines and going beyond the norms.

Find someone you think is wrong, someone you disagree with, someone who isn’t like you at all, and decide to love that person the way you want to be loved.

No one expects us to love them flawlessly, but we can love them fearlessly, furiously, and unreasonably.

we aren’t only supposed to love our neighbors, but we should start with them, because if our love isn’t going to work for the people who live close to us, then it’s probably not going to work for the rest of the world.

Telling people what they should want turns us into a bunch of bosses and police officers. People who are becoming love lose the badge and give away grace instead.

We shouldn’t spend our lives building castles. Instead, we should build kingdoms.

It’s how we treat the trolls in our lives that will let us know how far along we are in our faith.

When we get the wrong things over the top of our lives, we might look good for a short time, but we won’t land our lives well.

No one is remembered for what they only planned to do.

It’s easy to talk a good game about loving your enemies, until you have one.