Give $mart

Philanthropy That Gets Results

by Thomas J. Tierney , Joel L. Fleishman

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: PublicAffairs

BBB Library: CSR and NGO

ISBN: 978-1610391467

About the Authors

Thomas J. Tierney : Thomas J. Tierney, who was born on March 5th 1954, is


Joel L. Fleishman : Joel L. Fleishman, who was born on April 15th 1934, is


Editorial Review

All the money that people give away might seem a lot, and yet it pales in comparison to the needs we see all around us: urban slums and rural poverty, children in failing schools and children without access to any schooling whatsoever, deforestation and unclean water, crippling diseases of many kinds. The needs are immense, at home and abroad. In this book we know how to make the most of our givings.

Book Reviews

“Credible books that encourage potential donors to step out of their external and internal pressure cookers are indeed important and useful. Tierney and Fleishman have written such a book.”

“If you want your charitable giving to make a bigger difference, Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results can help.”

“They encourage donors to ask themselves hard questions before they write a check. And they tell us the timing of the book is even more relevant because the economy is so weak.”

“It's full of stories drawn from the authors' own work with donors and foundations. Most of these stories identify the people or organizations involved.”

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Wisdom to Share

The generosity that causes people to use their wealth on others' behalf is a wonderful expression of humanity at its best.

If you are clear enough about your aspirations, values, and beliefs, the new priorities that emerge will continue to reflect the good you most want to see done in the world.

Getting real involves laying out the sequence of activities or events that in your considered judgment are necessary to achieve success.

Getting personal involves deciding whether you'll be willing and able to hold yourself accountable for success.

Getting clear involves defining success in terms specific enough to help you decide where to invest your resources.

Deciding what you will do to make change happen is a choice that requires both your head and your heart.

Excellence doesn't just happen. It takes resolve, perseverance, and the disciplined pursuit of high performance.

Execution is where strategy becomes real and where you're best thinking gets tested.

Dodging the question: how do I get better? is to accept the status quo which, eventually, will cause any endeavor to drift toward mediocrity.

Life offers many ways of getting lucky, but getting better, steadily better, requires learning.